Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Daybook for March

Outside my window...I could get all romantic and talk about orange blossoms...but outside my window is an old baby mattress (used by three children) that needs to be recycled and scattered megablocks along with a whining cat who needs to be fed.

I am thinking...that I need to find a powerhouse vitamin to help me with my chronic fatigue. Does anyone have any favorites that work well? Please leave a comment and share your opinion!

I am thankful...that the pipe problem (we'll just leave it at that) seems to be temporarily under control.

In the kitchen...whole wheat tortillas with beans and salsa...I always revert to Mexican-style during meatless times. I'd like to get better at Central European-type cooking. I love Indian food, but the kids aren't that enamored of it. We have leftover vegetable soup for dinner; I'll probably throw in some beans and change the herbs to make it a different soup than yesterday. Do you think they'll be fooled?

I am wearing...a green top (my favorite color), dark grey pants, and floral Sanita clogs.

I am creating...piles to put away but mostly to throw away and give I guess it is more like un-creating.

I am sew for next week's 'Crafters for Life' meeting. We hope to meet at the PP clinic to pray with 40 Days for Life.

I am I am going to help host a visiting priest from the old country for three months in this little townhouse.

I am reading...a few Lenten resources that I might blog about at a later date.

I am hoping...that gas prices can somehow go down. It is really hurting us and some friends that drive for a living.

I am looking forward to...watching The Hunger Games by myself- I don't think anyone in my circle would enjoy it.
I am to knit again. I was never good at it- but my second daughter inspires me with her dedication to learning crochet.

Around the house...we are preparing for the big girls' Shakespeare production of A Winter's Tale this Sunday.

I am pondering...balance.

A favorite quote for today...
"Fasting without prayer and almsgiving is merely dieting. Almsgiving without prayer and fasting is merely philanthropy. Prayer without fasting and almsgiving is merely hypocricy." (about Lent)
One of my favorite things...4 year old boys who give "squishy hugs."

A few plans for the rest of the week: make a meal for a mother with 10 kids, plan for our visitor, help the girls through their Shakespeare play, get daughter #1 ready for her state-mandated essay is a busy week!


  1. Wish I could go to the movies with you. I'd love to see the girls in their play and get a squishy hug from A. Actually did 30 minutes on the bike. It's easier to do it first thing before I wake up and start the excuses for not doing it. Great post.

  2. I'm looking for a super vitamin as well!! I've been really fatigued, as well. I didn't know green was your favorite color! Little sister is really excited about Hunger Games. It sounds more interesting than Twilight, that's for sure! Maybe I'll be brave enough to read the book. Avi is not giving up her crochet hook without a fight-- Daddy is helping!

  3. I've heard great things about Optivite, but never tried it myself. I have such a hard time getting into a routine of taking vitamins, even while pregnant.

  4. I'm looking forward to the Hunger Games movie as well, I enjoyed the books more than I expected to!

  5. Ginseng helps with energy -- the Nature Made Chinese Red capsules seems to be the most consistent brand available in stores. It works by raising blood pressure, which isn't for everyone, but since I have dangerously low blood pressure (despite the insanity of daily life!), it does the job for me.

    Also -- drinking more water helps my energy. We have a Brita filter pitcher in the fridge (so there is always cold, filtered water available) and I use glass bottles (Lifefactory brand, they have lasted the longest, with a silicone protective sleeve which comes in many colors), as glass is the only material which doesn't leach flavor into the water.

  6. That's a great quote. I would also love to knit. We have a Brita filter pitcher also. I worry about plastic bottles but I haven't bought a glass bottle yet. I'm a new follower. Doylene


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