Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Call for Guest Posts

Do you like to write about family or Catholicism but you don't have or want a blog? Or maybe you have a teensy tiny blog in comparison to my wee blog and you would like to reach a different audience? I would love to begin posting guest posts; perhaps you would like to write one to be posted here the same day you post it on your blog- if you have one.

Some subjects that probably will get a thumbs up for posting

family life
homeschooling/education alternatives
culture/art from a Christian viewpoint
a day in the life at your Catholic parish
Church unity
answered prayers
feasting and/or fasting 
marriage/single life/discerning vocations
pro-life stories
Eastern Catholic/Christian life
a day in the life of a clergy wife (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox)- it would be fun to compare 

My blog is not the spot for these subjects- just because:

specific politicians
negative Catholic/Orthodox discussions

Email me your ideas at


  1. Yes, because only positive, happy-clappy takes on Catholicism are the experience of most Catholics. Get real. What your blog needs is a bit of reality, rather than rank-and-file parsing of Catholic thought and teaching, which gets boring, and which is the fodder of hundreds of other Catholic blogs as it is.

    1. Anonymous, you are quick to criticize.

      Since you are anonymous, I can't see what pearls of life, wisdom, and gritty reality you have written for me to read and decide whether it fits my exacting standards of entertainment value.

      It is easy to criticise others, especially when anonymous. Who can return criticism then?
      You are hidden, while the subject of your criticism, priest's wife, has opened her world to us.


  2. Anonymous-

    If you look around this blog, I have written some posts that would never be construed as 'happy-clappy'- but when I said I don't want to publish posts about negative Catholic-Orthodox relations, it is for a few reasons- other blogs and sites teach about these issues much better than I ever could & also there is so much hurt out there, I don't think I could be objective at all. I can write about my personal experiences- which are generally positive.

    So- do you want to contribute a blog post? ;)

  3. I'm not Catholic so I don't qualify for your interesting offer, but I just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. I'm Orthodox, so married priests are obviously not at all controversial for me, and I'm always interested to read about what your family experiences and how you handle things. I think the comment above is innacurate. I wouldn't at all classify everything you post as "happy-clappy" (although I'm going to introduce that phrase to my kids - I think it will make them laugh). Anyway, best of luck to you and know that even though I rarely comment I'm very interested and I keep you all in my prayers.

  4. Thanks Semele- actually a guest Orthodox post would be interesting if it was about spirituality or specific traditions that we Byzantines need to remember and perhaps sttart up again (like standing more!)

  5. I promised you a Coptic Orthodox priest's wife (tasoni) blog months ago. Here it is. I hope I can live up to your awesome attitude and regular posting ability :).


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