Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Substandard & Slipshod Search Word Poetry

fair trade christmas lights
annoying orange party rock
helen keller's bachelor's degree

queen mary mom of god
christ is risen
but we must cultivate our garden

priests wife
byzantine catholic

fear not little flock blog
fear not little flock
fear not

annoying orange party rock
cheeky pink
 compare and contract mozart and bob dylan

Easter in Ukraine
polish easter baskets
mary magdalene red egg

mother of guadalupe
mother teresa taking vows
mama of fatima

no fear


  1. Nice poem. BTW - Can't wait to say He is risen, He is risen indeed! But I will wait.

  2. NICE poem????!!!! (it is just random search words people put in Google and got to my blog)

    your assignment- read some Gerard M Hopkins!


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