Tuesday, February 21, 2017

how to live the Great Fast in preparation for Christ's Pascha

It is almost time for the Great Fast (Lent) before Pascha (Easter)! I love this graphic that I've seen all over social media. I believe it was written by Fr Daniel Rogich..... so many awesome ideas to implement, and it is nice to have our readings for the season in one place. 

Eastern Hospitality: feasting & fasting with Father Deacon Moses & Mother Gabriella

Have you visited the great new website: Eastern Hospitality? Abouna Moses and Mother Gabriella give instruction on making delicacies, some that are fast-friendly. In the middle of each episode, there is a theological teaching. They have clearly worked hard on this project. Please like and share and learn more about Eastern Christian hospitality
They had a great episode on the Christian discipline of fasting- click here for this episode that might convince you that our fasting seasons are God's gift to us
Great work, Abouna and Mother! 

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Nativity of Jesus Christ is almost here!

Every year, it is the same story- buying gifts, cooking special foods, caroling, crafting, and remembering the amazing gift that God has given us in blessing us with His Son, Jesus Christ. Ever the same, ever new....

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Catholic believers, mental illness, social media: why the silence?

A devout Catholic woman, disappeared from Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon on December 2 early in the morning; edit- December 13th- she is now found- and her husband asks for no questions. Perhaps from not taking medication for depression or manic episodes, she fasts from all food for the sins of the world and goes to adoration chapels. For a woman of 100 pounds and 5' 8'', she is in grave danger of death six days into her disappearance.  
The silence on social media is deafening. Is it embarrassing to share this story- a mother of a young child who makes a habit of wandering off, fasting on no food for days for our sins? Are we hesitant to diagnosis her with mania or obsessive compulsive disorder and then think we are superior to her sorrows? Do we think that a devout Christian should not suffer from a mental illness? or perhaps we refuse to believe in a mental illness and rejoice that she is a victim soul? In any case, please share the news story, look out for her at adoration chapels, and keep her in prayers as she is most likely very close to death. 

( I have edited this post and deleted the photo per her husband's wishes. he is grateful for those who got involved and asks for privacy now that she is found)
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