Wednesday, May 20, 2015

pretty happy funny real - fun with friends & a new crockpot

pretty- We recently went with friends to a beautiful botanical gardens and museum complex. I'm sure more of my photos will make their way here; there is a large garden for every possible climate except arctic as well as word-class European and American art collections.
happy- For Mother's day, I gifted myself with a new crockpot.I had had my old dented and stained one for years. I try not to replace something that actually works, but this new one makes me happy in a housewifely way. I was also happy that one house guest who is famously clean at all times did feel the need to scrub and bleach this crockpot when she saw it. At least not yet!
funny- I was trying to find a 'pretty' or 'happy' photo on my camera phone to depict our 'crafters for life' sewing/knitting/crocheting circle. We, mostly teen girls, are making blankets and booties and such to donate to crisis pregnancy centers. In any case, all of the good photos showed the girls' faces, natch. I didn't want to publish other children's faces, so I am left with a blurry photo of one of the younger siblings running amuck and another lying down in the fabric. I would say it is an accurate snapshot of our club. It is a lot of fun to work together!
real- My big girls (16 and 15 this summer)had their last dance performance of their lives, most likely. They might take a dance class here or there, but it will not be like the past where they were dancing four days a week and en pointe. Two years ago, we reduced their dancing when they developed other interests, but the girls were still dancing a lot. This past semester was their swan song, simply dancing for a very amateur troupe of children 7 to 17. And they were really left out of the core group of teen dancers. I was amazed at how little they danced at the performances. Unbeknownst to me, they refused to dance in skimpy tank tops and sparkly red booty shorts, so they were excluded from certain dances. I was proud of them, but it was hard to see their love of dance drift away.