Sunday, June 21, 2015

m-ai întrebat: why haven't you, priest's wife, posted in a month? short answer: a battle with a rusty nail & summer plans

Is that a long enough post title? Very catchy, I thought....I'm sure many new readers will be searching for information on rusty nails, toe/foot surgery, wives who became de facto home healthcare nurses, celebrating Divine Liturgy on crutches, and the reason why deacons are lifesavers.
I also haven't posted much lately- even before the nail fiasco- because I am a highly busy person. I won't bore readers with details. I am also a highly sensitive person, so when someone writes me an email stating that they like the old posts better than what I have done in the past year or so- it stings. I am also a highly practical person. So many bloggers are doing so much more than I have the time and talent for, so why should I bother? I have been really enjoying and benefiting from the blog, Amongst Lovely Things. Go visit it!
In any case, we shall see what this space becomes. Summer is a time to slow down and enjoy family and friends. We will report back how that is going ! Blessings to all!

celebrating the father & grandfathers of my husband on Father's Day

My mother-in-law is holding my future husband, the first grandchild on bother sides, in the over-exposed photo above. We have so few photos of his childhood in communist Romania that every picture is precious.Great-grandmother recently passed away, looking exactly the same as the photo except forty years older. Memory eternal!
May God grant Grigore many more blessed years in health and happiness- memory eternal to +Grigore & +Gheorghe!