why I write this blog

It is too true that I who write about the devout life am not myself devout, but most certainly I am not without the wish to become so, and it is this wish which encourages me to teach you. A notable literary man has said that a good way to learn is to study, a better to listen, and the best to teach. And Saint Augustine, writing to the devout Flora, says, that giving is a claim to receive, and teaching a way to learn. 
-St. Francis de Sales


  1. St. Francis de Sales, the Patron Saint of Writers.

    I can't help but note that he, a devout man, claimed not to be devout. I've often thought that one of the aspects of being truly saintly would be to realize how we each individually fall short.

  2. so true! Heaven help us when we think we are humble... because thinking we are humble shows that we are not! :) Life is a ladder- not an elevator :)


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