Saturday, February 6, 2021

What books should I read for Lent 2021?

There's something about C. S. Lewis' fiction- His Narnia books, I can re-read and I remember almost every word. I might experience Narnia differently, but I know the land very well. With Til We Have Faces and the Space Trilogy, it is as I have never read them. So I'll be re-reading them in 2021. It has been awhile in any case. I enjoyed Out of the Silent Planet last week- I think of it as a prose poem filled with hope and wisdom. 

This past week, I (re) read Rumer Godden's In This House Of Brede. This book explores the lives of Benedictine nuns a bit before the Vatican II Council. The nuns are human, but most of them are holy. I would say that it is a very realistic, sympathetic view of the lives of religious. I have been blessed to know holy women and I even lived for a year in a convent in Slovakia when I was teaching there! There is a lot of truth in this book. But I don't know what God is telling me. Twice I have read this book in preparation for a book club, but I have not been able to go to the meeting because of family obligations. Ah- the life of a non-celibate!

I am continuing my daily Bible reading. Tomorrow, I begin the Book of Deuteronomy. Salvation history is quite a ride! And for Great Lent, I will add two books that I have read in past years, but I need to re-visit them- Thirty Steps to Heaven and Lent and Easter- Wisdom from Fulton J Sheen- ,reading every morning after my Bible. I highly recommend both of them. This year, I am going to read with a pen in my hand so that I can mark up the books. Both of these books are truly ones that should be read multiple times. Lent is coming soon; my soul needs this season and it comes just in time every year! 

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