Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bad Poetry for Overwhelmed Mommy-types

Oh, give me a home
where the children can roam
& they sometimes pick up their mess
where seldom is heard
a complaining word
& they spontaneously do school-ish work
home, home with the kids
where the dad has a lot on his plate
'cause I was doing laundry
instead of packing his lunch.

Oh, give me a home
just outside of Rome
where the kids live out of one case
where there's no random clutter
no random junk, just what we actually need
home, home with the kids
where the two-year-old's having a fit
Boy has a sore throat and pink eye
& the girls wait for their personal chauffeur
(that's me)


  1. I love the Clean all things image! My friend has an apron with it. Sometimes I say the mantra when I start chores. Have you actually read the "Clean All Things Post." It's hilarious and so true.

  2. ...gotta go make the lunch and dinner and CLEAN all the things (oops- and school some more)


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