Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Prayer for Priests


Saint Joseph,
I present to you this day
Father N., priest of Jesus Christ,
and beg you to be to him
advocate and defender,
counselor and friend.
Open your heart to him
as you opened your home to the Virgin Mother
in her hour of need.
Protect his holy priesthood
as you protected the life of the Infant Christ
threatened by cruel Herod.
In darkness bring him light;
in weakness, strength,
and in fear the peace that passes understanding.
For the sake of the tender love that bound you
to the Virgin Mary and the Infant Christ,
be for him, Saint Joseph, a constant intercessor
and a shield against every danger of body, mind, and soul
so that, in spite of his weaknesses and sins,
his priesthood may bring glory to Christ
and serve to increase the beauty of holiness
in his bride the Church.

Please pray this prayer for my priest-husband (St. Gregory Nazianzus is his patron) and for any other priest in need of prayers- prayer found at wdtprs


  1. Done. Thank you and Father.

  2. ThanKs for your prayers! This week- Fr. is dealing with the drowning deaths of 4 hospital employees and trying to minister to family and friends of these men.

  3. May the Lord give him super grace for this ministry. Father is in the pit of the beast and needs our prayers. May God Bless him for his hard work. You too for having to minister to him.

  4. wow- prayers for him!! He deals with so much.


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