Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Day in my Life- a "Bit of Reality"

fair warning: The only thing 'typical' in a typical day for me is that every day is atypical. Here's today, Wednesday....

6:00 AM- I pray SERVIAM in my mind and get priest-husband up for his gym workout. I go back to sleep.

6:45- I pray SERVIAM again and get out of bed, knowing that I am most certainly not the type of woman that satan says "oh no" about when I start the day. I try, but as I've said, I am a lazy, low-energy introvert.

then...breakfast, kid stuff, make school lists for the big girls, go to the car rental place to get my name on the rental agreement so I can drive Fr's rental (his car has been in the shop with a dead starter for almost a week) while he takes part of the day off from his hospital work so he can drive Boy and preschool friends to the zoo about 45 minutes north, pack lunches, give instructions to bug girls who will be with our house guest until I get home at 2

8:45- Fr. takes Boy to preschool to pick up other riders and then drives to zoo for field trip. I leave for my college to observe my boss teaching for her required evaluation. After my observation, I drive the forty-five minutes north to the zoo to relieve Fr.

11:00- the changing of the guard. We switch cars so Fr. can drive back down to get to work at the hospital. I join the preschool field trip; baby girl is also there. I highly recommend the 'Sit and Stand' double stroller fort activities like this.

12:00 PM- Fr. makes his important meeting with the new CEO and president of his hospital. I sit down to peanut butter crackers, bananas and water with the preschool group at the zoo. Boy bites his lip and stars wailing. I'm glad I decided to be a parent chaperon because there are simply not enough adults to attend to all the minor drama swirling around.

2:00- I get back to town and drop off my passengers. Boy and baby girl are exhausted but not sleeping.  Finally, we are home. I check to make sure the girls did their school work. Fr. is celebrating a Roman-rite mass at the hospital.

3:00- I take the big girls to ballet, then go home and start dinner- a variation of my 'easy Lenten pasta.' I throw in some laundry, putz around, throw away junk mail, etc, etc, Fr. is putting out fires at the hospital. 

5:45- We pick up the girls from dance and go to the Pre-Sanctified Liturgy, hoping that the littles don't fall asleep in the van.

7:30- We go home, eat dinner and put the two littles to sleep while Fr. and the big girls stay for Bible study.

8:30- I serve dinner to the rest of the family- big girls do the dishes and then start to play some chess.

9:00- Fr. and house guest go back to the hospital for end-of-life sacramental ministry. I don't know when they will be back. I should finish the laundry and prepare for my class tomorrow, but I  think I'll watch an episode of Castle on Hulu.

so, that's that. One day in our life and it will get crazier; our bishop is here this weekend! Our life is busy, crazy, but not that interesting. It is what is normal for us. I guess that is why the following comment stung:
"Yes, because only positive, happy-clappy takes on Catholicism are the experience of most Catholics. Get real. What your blog needs is a bit of reality, rather than rank-and-file parsing of Catholic thought and teaching, which gets boring, and which is the fodder of hundreds of other Catholic blogs as it is."

It is always a bad idea to take one comment to heart, but my post calling for guest posts last week got over 200 views the first day but only one comment. So, the commenter must have had some strong feelings that I should consider if I am trying to write a blog for others to read and perhaps benefit from. First of all, there are 100s of orthodox Catholic blogs, 100s of anti-Catholic or liberal Catholic blogs, 100s of atheist blogs, 1000s of mommy blogs, 1000s of lifestyle blogs: we are spoiled for choice. So I am writing about my generally happy Catholic life where I am not at odds with my Church. Am I writing 'happy-clappy' stuff if I usually don't complain about the bad stuff in my life? Should I be writing bitter stuff like....there was black mold in our clergy housing which might have led to my 20-week miscarriage about seven years ago? Should I write and complain about the cantor  who is bitter about his church experiences? Should I write about how we are all sinners and hypocrites in need of salvation? Should I write and complain about parishioners who come in very late and light candles in the front of the church, crossing in front of Fr. while he is preaching the homily (actually, the last time this happened it was so ridiculous I had to stifle a laugh)  What good does it do to be bitter? Sometimes I write about the hard stuff (click on the labels 'disappointed' and 'loss') But if this blog is boring- oh well. It is what it is. 


  1. Life in our parsonage is boring, but real as well. Don't let the squeaky wheels get you dwn.

  2. DakotaPam- I think many people can't imagine that others might be happy in this life- there must be some deep scandal lurking somewhere...nope- except I ate cheese today (after sundown though!)

  3. I misunderstood the "guest comment". That was smart to be "annoyingmus." Ha ha .. I'm a bit confused by the comment, because you have a special calling to be a priest's wife to a man who still remembers communism in his country and hiding priest, etc.

    You're not only writing about 1st world life, but also keeping in mind third world life. You are a deep thinker and not lazy or low energy introvert. You need to look at things differently and my dear, you are awesome. Not many people can live your life. God chose you for this to make dying to yourself for your Church and family every day.

  4. I am new to your blog and find it refreshing in its simple honesty. A smart woman once told me that life is mostly made up of the kind of things you write about with highs and lows sprinkled in here and there. I like your blog.

  5. Frances- haha about your first part and I'll try to do better with 'dying to myself'- I need work on that!

    Blipfillypicklepoo- ok- first of all, I am jealous of your name! ;)

  6. Lol. I was trying to come up with something no one else was using. A youth steeped in Archie comics (yikes, probably giving away my advanced age) and no TV helped. Thanks for visiting my very neglected (by me) blog.

  7. I will never for the life of me understand why people leave nasty comments, especially on a blog that isn't high profile. If you don't care for the blog, don't read it, sheesh. Well you and I know that it says more about the commenter than about YOU, but still it stings to be criticized. My advice is to say a prayer and stay the course, posting what feels right to you and seeking guidance from the One who matters the most.

  8. nancyo- the comment wasn't that bad- that's why I let it stay published- I just think the commenter doesn't believe that Catholic bloggers who don't smear the Church are telling the whole story. Well- I don't share everything that is personal, but this is basically my story. My goal a year and a half ago was to keep some sort of diary and to educate those interested about the Byzantine rite- and that's what I am going to continue to do

  9. I don't think blogs are at their best when they seek to entertain, but when they share. I' ve been a serial lurker for several years on various Catholic blogs. You are doing better than fine. Plus it seems like a confused comment. Do they want to be entertained or do they want reality?

  10. Melody Faith- thanks for de-lurking! Sometimes my reality can be very entertaining- but in a mommy-blog kind of way. Do people really want to hear about pink eye and throw up? ;)

    I love your name- part of it is one of my sister's name

  11. I really enjoy this blog. I admit I wish there was more material about your husband and your life as a PW, but I still really enjoy th blog!! Thank you so much!!

  12. "Happy Clappy!" That's just funny to me. Not long ago I posted about how I hated the snarky Mommy blogs. I always enjoy when I pop over from LMLD.

  13. Amen to the idea that there are many blogs out there, and if you don't like one, well, just keep clicking! There is only one reason to blog, and that is to say what you want to say. Even making money isn't really a reason (can you tell I think that? :)

  14. Thanks Leila for stopping by- this post isn't my best (as I say blushing as a fan of your terrific blog)


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