Sunday, October 14, 2012

Variations on a Pillowcase- '31 days'- day 14

The last time I was at my parents' home (900 miles away), my mother was fretting over an old, flannel nightgown that she didn't want to part with. But she was also trying to declutter- what to do? It was the last thing that her mother, who died in her 50's of ALS, had sewn for her. I took the nightgown and promised mom that I would make something out of it. I made a lined laundry room/craft room bag (for lost socks? for crafty stuff?) and a fabric bucket to keep craft stuff in. I hope my mother appreciates them in all their imperfections; old thin fabric is very difficult to work with. And in continuing the 'faith and works' theme, I prayed for Grandma Carol while I sewed with the little ones and the dog literally underfoot (directly next to the sewing machine pedal....).
a prayer for Grandma Carol and others 
God of the spirits and of all flesh, who have trampled death and annihilated the devil
and given life to your world, may you yourself,
O Lord, grant to the soul of your deceased servant N. rest in a place of light, a verdant place, a place of freshness, from where suffering, pain and cries are far removed.
Do You, O good and compassionate God
forgive every fault committed by him in word, work or thought because there is no man
who lives and does not sin. You alone are without sin and your justice
is justice throughout the ages and your word is truth.
Since you, O Christ our God, are the resurrection, the life and the repose of your deceased servant N.,
we give you glory together with your un-begotten Father
and your most holy, good and life-creating Spirit,
now and always and forever and ever.


  1. Thanks Elizabeth...but I think it is time for a sewing class...

  2. I am in tears now. Thank you for doing this. It was a "burden" to have the torn nightgown, but I couldn't bear to throw it away. God Bless you dear daughter. I am truly blessed.


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