Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 days of Faith & Works & a bit of sewing- day 2

It took me less than an hour to replace the worn and faded black fabric of the girls' school chairs. Well, it took about an hour and a year or more. Procrastination, a tendency to laziness and perfectionism- these are excuses that can kill the soul. The chairs aren't perfect by any means, but my girls can study a bit more comfortably. I have a bit more of the dotted green fabric in my stash to use...hmmm...what's next? I am going to do a bit of stash-bashing and trying to pray while I am crafting every day for '31 Days.'

“The knowledge that by means of work man shares in the work of creation constitutes the most profound motive for undertaking it in various sectors. ‘The faithful… must learn the deepest meaning and the value of all creation, and its orientation to the praise of God. Even by their secular activity they must assist one another to live holier lives. In this way the world will be permeated by the spirit of Christ and more effectively achieve its purpose in justice, charity and peace. Therefore, by their competence in secular fields and by their personal activity, elevated from within by the grace of Christ, let them work vigorously so that by human labor, technical skill and civil culture, created goods may be perfected according to the design of the Creator and the light of his word.” –Pope John Paul II in Laborem Exercens
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  1. "Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly." GK Chesterton.

    I think that they look great. You made them and the kids know that you care.

    It's inspirational.

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