Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dog Days of Lingering Summer- '31 days'- day 9

Duke gets to run free for an hour and a half on Friday mornings before Shakespeare class. While the big girls are in the dog park with him, I play with Baby Girl at the person park adjacent. Sometimes I have to 'offer up' this time because I'd rather be at home instead of getting sand in my shoes. It is good that I have children to force me out of my extreme introversion (I prefer to think of it as introversion rather than selfishness and laziness, but it is partially those things as well...baby steps).
God created man to work; work is one of the highest human values and the way in which men contribute to the progress of society. But even more, it is a way to holiness. Thus their work becomes a means to sanctify themselves and help others to do the same thing. --- St. Jose Maria Escriva

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  1. Love that quote from St. Jose Maria Escriva. I think I may ned to copy that and put it at my desk both at work and at home. I so easily get distracted by other things when I should be working. Thank you for that.


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