Monday, October 29, 2012

This is not a Mommyblog- '31 days'- day 29

My '31 days' experiment hasn't been going all that well. First of all, I decided to do it on the first day of October, so I really wasn't all that prepared to come up with great content for 31 days in a row. And I had forgotten that my blog audience has never really responded to when I do something 'mommyblog-ish' like post a recipe- perhaps because my recipes are always non-recipes. But you know it is really bad when the blog writer herself does not want to look back at old blog posts. My camera is so bad, so my photos are so, so bad. Luckily, the month is almost finished and I can go back to my mish-mash of whatever this blog is turning out to be. 

(By the way- the pickled turnips were great except next time I will use normal white vinegar, the wine vinegar changed the taste a little)
Are you interested in my daily crock pot and rice cooker recipes needed to survive our crazy-busy life? No? I didn't think so!

In any case, ORA ET LABORA!


  1. I'm interested in those recipes! :0)

  2. I tried the pickled turnip recipe, but my spouse thought they were too "vinigary". Oh well, back to the pickled eggs. And, I don't see anything wrong with your camera pr the pictures. Your blog is fine.

    1. hmm...too much vinegar, or too many days left in brine? sorry!


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