Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Days of babyhood- '31 days'- day 30

Baby Girl (3 and a few months) has decided to toilet train herself (I've never rushed things). Upon learning this, Boy (5) started crying and talking about her future of marriage and children. We feel change deeply around here. We are at the last days of her babyhood.
after a week in a closed incubator, she was here for four weeks
She's five weeks old and six and a half pounds here. This is her first day home and the first time any of the kids (even the big girls) got to hold her. The hospital's something-flu (what was en vogue 3 years ago?) made it impossible for the children to visit the NICU. Boy and Girl have been friends from the beginning


  1. This is beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. This has definitely brightened my day.

  2. Cutie girl! She seems to have a good, sweet nature and a good heart :)

    1. She's a great girl- but FULL of energy...she is giving this 41 year old a run for her money


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