Thursday, September 15, 2011

PrettyHappyFunnyReal- yesterday & yesterday's feast

My favorite blog Like Mother, Like Daughter is encouraging all to find contentment in the everyday: Here I go...
Pretty Our learning room, semi-cleaned out yesterday, is becoming pretty. Since I left my camera behind with family, I don't have before and after photos.This is for the best, because it still isn't that pretty, but the girls can do math with pretty smiling faces at their desks. And they have space to put their gladiolas which are being used for a science experiment. So, life is pretty. 
Happy We have a lot to be happy about. My oldest daughter's Godparents' oldest daughter (got that?) is coming home from the hospital after being treated for a skull and femur fracture due to being run over by a car during cross country practice. She needs to do nothing for six weeks. I'm not sure if she will lose a semester of school, but she has her life and her health. In much less serious reasons to be happy, I spent 3 1/2 hours at the emergency room last evening/night with Baby Girl who ended up being treated for pneumonia. And she ate a bowl of chicken soup this morning after not eating anything for four days. So, I'm really happy. And I have been happy to offer up the minor suffering and annoyances that come with caring for a sick child for those families with truly sick children.
Funny I suppose that it is 'funny' that I was happy that Baby Girl got diagnosed with pneumonia, but I was happy to have not given her an x-ray for nothing. Now, we just have to make an action plan to prevent this in the future. She is watching endless episodes of Kipper on Netflix- maybe I will change it up to Veggie Tales or something for a little funny...any suggestions? Please don't write no videos- she is two and miserable on the couch. Even drawing is too much for her right now.  
Real  People sometimes ask me why the Byzantine-style cross has the slanted bar at the bottom. I have heard it said that the slanted bar is to show that Jesus was fully man (and fully God) when He was on the cross. He felt pain. He struggled. So the bar, put in place to support His body weight while He was being crucified, would have twisted under His pain. If one keeps their eyes open, their is a lot of catechism tucked into icons and stained glass windows and even the style of cross that we venerate.

"Come, all you nations, let us bow in worship to the blessed Cross of the Lord through which eternal justice came to us. He who deceived Adam, the first man, was conquered by a tree, and the same who fettered the royal creation by his venom has been washed away by the divine blood of Christ, and the curse of the sin has been lifted by a rightful sentence when the just Christ was condemned unjustly. By God's plan, death that had come from a tree would be conquered by a tree, and suffering would be healed by the suffering of the Lord. Glory be to the active presence of your providence in our lives, O Christ our King: through it, you have wrought salvation for all, O You who are gracious and the Lover of Mankind!"  -- from the feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross


  1. Also on Netflix, Pingu and Caillou are our 2-year old's favorites.

  2. veggie tales are good. has videos ( of shows that are on pbs. i recommend "super why", "dinosaur train", "the cat in the hat", "clifford" and "arthur". if you have a laptop, you can "help" her watch. (this is totally what i'd do with daniel.) if you can request it, disney's "winnie the pooh" is another great netflix video.

  3. My 2 year old likes Blues Clues and Wonderpets. I'd vote for Blues Clues too, even at 37 :)

  4. Clifford is a good one. Also Wonder Pets. It is a little silly, but little ones are fascinated by it.

  5. I've heard that the bar slants because it's pointing up to heaven, down to hell. One of my favorite lectures in college was looking at the church (building) and seeing why things are built the way they are, what three doors outside represent (in a old Roman church).

    So happy to hear that your not-so-little friend is on the mend (if she's doing X-C, definitely NOT little!) and hey that rhymed. She is SO lucky to have come home with ONLY a skull and femur fracture, although I'm sure she doesn't see that right now.

    Did little one get IV antibiotics in the ER? Sounds like it, if she's back to eating. Thank God for medicine and mommies.

  6. I'm PICKY when it comes to tv/videos- Calliou and Arthur has sibling rivalry/whiny stuff and Wonderpets has the same thing happen every time (like Dora)---that's why I like Kipper

    Rabbit- She is a freshman is high school- yes, she is VERY lucky- I haven't got the full scoop because mom has been at the hospital full-time

    Baby girl didn't get an IV, just a one time super shot and then she has 10 days worth of other stuff- so I am busy giving her PRObiotics during the hours she didn't have the antibiotics

  7. Jen- My 4 year old loves Super Why, Little Einsteins and Word World--and baby girl is fine with these 'big kid' shows

    rabbit- I like that explanation about the cross

  8. Even reading the words of the accident shocked me-I can't even imagine getting that phone call. Must mother's have to be so strong?

    And your sweet, sick, little one. that's such a hard age to be sick, not big enough to read your misery away, you want mama all the time, and just don't understand why you're so miserable.

    Madeline? Eloise? Angelina Ballerina? Max and Ruby? It looks like some new (to me) Veggie tales are out, too. Hope that helps.

  9. My two-year-old nephew really likes Shaun the Sheep and even my rather picky husband enjoys watching it with him. One of the best bits is that there isn't much dialogue at all - no talking animals!

  10. at least you're not struggling with a lice infestation....

  11. I like that explanation of the slanted bar. I've also heard that the bar is tipped upwards for St. Dismas, the Good Thief.

    We will say a prayer for healing for your Baby Girl & for your oldest daughter's Godparents' oldest daughter.

  12. Glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend. My son loves to watch Wonderpets and Backyardigans. I wish I could dance as well as the Backyardigans..haha. Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. camera on it's way today-- thanks to Dad...sorry!!


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