Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daybook for September

Outside my window… a drying rack filled with clean laundry as the dryer decided to bite the dust recently. I guess my appliances have decided to 'go green.'

I am thinking… about our schedule for the coming school year- it is going to be really busy (as usual)!

I am thankful… for family and safe flights

In the kitchen… beef stew with lots of vegetables and corn muffins made by the big girls

I am wearing… a dark green shirt- one of my favorite colors. My high school plaid was mostly green, so I am only recently wearing green after the 'trauma' of a uniform. Now, I wish my kids had a uniform. One of the pitfalls of homeschooling- that and having kids that can't eat a sandwich (sort of kidding)

I am creating… meal plans- actual meal plans that can be printed out and posted on the 'fasting' and 'feasting' pages on this blog. If there is a magic bullet for saving money and time and sanity, I think this is it. Yes, I am forty years old, and it has taken me this long to plan meals.

I am going… to our homeschooling charter school library tomorrow to check out this school year's curriculum, Wish me luck! I only have an hour to make lots of decisions

I am wondering… how to help my oldest daughter love math and spelling.

I am reading… about 4 different books on my Kindle, but then I just back to my old paperback of The Hobbit.

I am hoping… that choir will give my girls the '2 for 1' discount- or they can't do choir this year. The checkbook is stretched really thin these days.

I am looking forward to… finding out which Shakespeare play my girls will be studying and performing this year

I am hearing… a phone ringing, a siren, a cat whining,a baby crying & the big girls practicing reading in the old language- it's not very peaceful around here sometimes! But I am playing Cat Stevens' Greatest Hits. I love his music, and it gives me a chance to pray for his reversion.

Around the house… (this is the song that never ends) the garage/learning room...and getting ready to go swimming with Dad

One of my favorite things… 4 year old boy having fun at his preschool. I don't know if I'm going to find the money for baby girl next year- but for the only boy, it is money well spent.

A few plans for the rest of the week… maybe we will go somewhere after a pool party after Sunday lunch after the Divine Liturgy- or an electrician-parishioner might come to fix a few outlets in the kitchen area so I can get rid of the extension cords all over the place. Then, I need to either buy space heaters for the bedrooms or find $5,000 to replace our abesto-laden air ducts (can I sue the inspector or former home owner- Shouldn't that have been disclosed?)- I'm silly (I hope), but every cough is cancer now that I know we have this problem with the house. Pray for us!


  1. We recently went through our binders of recipes (each page protected with a plastic sleeve, taken from 'real' cookbooks) and marked them with an L for Lent. Just so we aren't staring at the fridge on Wednesdays and Fridays ;-)

    I'll keep praying for you all. By the way, I think it's wonderful that your parish gets together weekly after DL.

  2. I'm 40, and I'm still haven't mastered planning meals, so you're ahead of me!! :) Have a great week!


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