Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall is finally in the air

On the menu the last few days...chicken noodle soup, bean soup, bubble and squeak, artisan bread, chicken-dried cranberry-pecan-argula salad, brownies, lots of tea for sick fathers and must be fall!

We don't get the full four-season experience like those of you up North, but I can still feel a chill in the air (this has its ups and downs- we aren't using our heating system because we just learned it is full of asbestos, but baby girl got pneumonia...maybe $5000 will drop from the sky).

In celebration of wordless Wednesday, I just had to share this photo from four years back. Isn't he the cutest pumpkin ever!


  1. Yes, he is the cutest pumpkin ever. Did he carve all those pumpkins ?

  2. Here in the valley it was 98 degrees today. Maybe fall will come next week.

  3. That menu sounds delicious, I shouldn't have read this before breakfast :)
    That's too bad about the asbestos. At least you live somewhere warmer.


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