Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my first YarnAlong, or In Which I Don't Knit

My first knitting project was a baby blue cotton blanket that I made for a friend. I had just miscarried my first boy at twenty weeks in utero. I proceeded to make a few easy things like scarves, but I never really got into the art form. I collect yarn and knitting books occasionally, but I don't knit. It really is a perfect activity to do while waiting the required hour and a half at the doctor's office. But I don't knit. I think I got off on the wrong foot with the craft, and it is time to exorcise those old feelings.

The big girls, however, are beginning to enjoy crafting. Daughter #2 is crocheting, and Daughter #1 is learning to quilt. They are using their budding talent and skill for their 'Crafters for Life' club that will donate handmade items to crisis pregnancy centers. Daughter #1 wants me to teach her to knit because crocheting is Daughter #1's 'thing.' So even in this demi-paradise, there is a bit of sibling rivalry. But I might just have to pick up my knitting needles again.

She's working on granny squares to make into a blanket, and she's reading Rainbow Valley (my old copy) for the third time.

She's sewing like a wild woman to get ready for the next Crafters for Life meeting. She has completed six quilt tops. As you can see, it is a very simple pattern, but it has been fun. The fabric came from one of my sisters who will be receiving an extra special quilt in time for a certain someone who is arriving by St Valentine's Day. The George MacDonald book was purchased at the recommendation of, yes, Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter

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  1. um- I think that's MY copy of Rainbow Valley... I guess we'll find out on the "other side"- Go, girls!!! Oh, check out Catholic Culture dot org's coverage of China's one-child policy- more reason for no Chinese goods.
    You are officially my fav blog, now! -F

  2. NOPE F! I bought the set in high school. Someday, I would love a hardcover set- do they exist?

    Nope raves on the girls' work anybody? I guess I really am one of those moms who think that her kids are the best- but they're not

  3. Does a hardcover set exist? No. And apparently that's been Googled many times since it filled in my search for me. I even checked my super-exclusive publishing industry database and no dice. Your best bet would be to buy them all in hardcover, separately, although you're not guaranteed they'd match. And it'd probably be costly.

    As for your girls' work--honestly, the book catches my eye more than the work does. Maybe you need different pictures to show it off? Not so zoomed in? I think it's great that they are crafting at a young age...I was pretty young when I started, too.

  4. Loving the colour in that crochet.
    Knitting is peaceful and calm activity which you really should give another chance.
    Enjoy it in a different time and place.

  5. Sorry-- I WAS uber-impressed with their handiwork!!! I begged M for lessons-- I"ll have to try again next time we're together!! (I was just kidding about owning it--tee hee) -F


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