Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PrettyHappyFunnyReal- pans & pumpkins

Pretty- It only took me seven years, but the cloth that great-grandmother wove, decorated and crocheted lace onto is finally on display. Perhaps it is because I was not born in the old country, but I can't figure out how to do the perfect pleats. But I put it up anyway.

Happy- Haiku for a cast iron pan
cast iron, true non-stick
took me forty years to buy
use metal, not soap

'bye evil Teflon
now I truly deglaze it
browned bits with wine...yum

Funny- pumpkins are perfect for my Halloween season apathy/dislike

Real- Can you find the 'real' in this photo? Yes, it is the extension cord along the back that is powering up the refrigerator. We already had an electrician come and fix the three-outlet problem. Two weeks later, the problem is back on- so it is an opportunity to rejoice that I have electricity at all! 

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  1. Your great- grandmother's cloth is beautiful! And I hope to have cast iron pans too someday...

  2. Love your silver lining there! And the haiku. =)

  3. Beautiful momento of your great-grand mother.

    Haiku for a cast iron pan. I love that!

  4. Last Christmas, my wife bought me 3 cast iron skillets. I love them! But I must say that eggs are one thing I still use the Teflon pan for - I don't like the way eggs taste when cooked in the iron.

  5. If it were not for my cast iron skillet and dutch oven my family would not eat! True kitchen essentials.

  6. We discovered the joys of cast-iron after I managed to ruin two non-stick skillets. ;)

    The cloth your great-grandmother made is exquisite!

  7. Great haiku! Lovely cloth - a real treasure. Also, what a cute tea kettle!

  8. Nothing like cast iron. SO much better than teflon or any non-stick I've tried. Love the linen! I am a huge fan of linens of all sorts, and embroidery, too.


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