Saturday, October 1, 2011

for all human life

In the next 40 days, many are praying for the sanctity of human life to be upheld and supported. May women in difficult situations be inspired to choose life, and may they be supported in overcoming whatever hardships would cause them to abort their child. And may we all really understand the underpinnings of the militantly pro-abortion groups. Here's a little hint:

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  1. This is hideous. I have to admit, the one thing that converted me to Catholic teaching on birth control was learning about Margaret Sanger. Such a truly evil woman (or, at least, what she advocated was evil. I can't judge a soul). Thanks for the reminder. How horrible.

  2. ...thinking about this headline on the newspaper article. I can't find the source at Fr Z's blog- I wonder if the headline is photoshopped in- or just that even the newspaper people were evil...

  3. you might be interested in '180 movie' as well

  4. Perfect timing. Thanks.

  5. Thanks to you and God for your courage.


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