Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An October Daybook

Outside my window...are grey clouds and leaves beginning to change colors even though we don't have extreme four seasons like normal places. 

I am thinking...of the beautiful little tree that grows against the wall near the sports store in Gaming, Austria. It should be bright red right now. Fall is probably the most difficult season to live in a place with palm trees.

I am thankful...for friends that let us invite ourselves over for some fun. The pizza was delicious!

From the learning rooms...we are using khanacademy.org as a math supplement. I am hopeful.

In the kitchen...I'll be repurposing the Italian sausage leftover from church on Sunday into bangers and mash. And we had toad-in-the-hole for breakfast. And I'm drinking tea right now. I'll always be an Anglophile at heart even though I've never been there. Yep, I lived in Europe for four years and never got to the island.

I am wearing...exercise clothes- Daughter #2 and I went out for an early morning walk.

I am creating...quilts with my girls for our 'Crafters for Life' club.

I am going...to need to go to the Laundromat- my dryer is broken and I left wet clothes out to dry and it promptly rained. And a big storm is coming up. So, off to the laundry I go!

I am wondering...when I'll need to have my girls quit ballet. That is all.

I am reading...The James Thurber Carnival, if you like dry, old-fashioned humor, this book will have you rolling. Just don't read it too late of you'll wake up the kids.

I am hoping...that my daughters will learn their new Nutcracker parts with little stress.

I am looking forward to...the rain storm that is coming. Time to make my world-famous cocoa and some stove-top popcorn

I am hearing...the leaf blowers at our townhouse complex.

Around the house...some kids are doing schoolwork, and the baby is drawing on paper, her dress and herself with a purple marker. Luckily, it is washable.

I am pondering...Ray Bradbury is a genius. For me, October equals Ray Bradbury stories and the Rosary (yes, it's a weird combination)

Some favorite things...harpsichord music, 'Manifesto' perfume, peach-blueberry panna cotta from the freezer section, telephone calls from family, new babies in he family and making baby quilts for them, little kids that behave enough for me to stay in church

A few plans for the rest of the week: more school work, more sewing, preparations for Christmas gifts, etc, etc, etc....

A photo to share:

It's a time to pray for life ('40 Days for Life')  AND it is ONLY 12 weeks until Christmas! Oh my goodness! How does this happen to me every year! I am trying to be ready for Christmas by the beginning of Byzantine Advent (St Phillip's Fast) which starts on November 15th. Wish me luck!
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  1. That was a nice post. Your perspective relaxed me. Raining where you are ? I forgot it rained down there. I love you and your family.

    God bless,

    Old guy

  2. Love this. It's a trip into your world. Thanks.

  3. Enjoyed reading through your daybook. Love the photo! Hope your week...and your October... are terrific! :)

  4. I love James Thurber, and I love Ray Bradbury. And you have a brilliant blog...! I have made it one of my favourites.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope my post didn't sound too cranky. I just couldn't participate in the PW *hate fest* any longer. It made me feel mean, and I'm not mean. But, to each their own. :-)

  5. Jo- me, too- even though what they say about PW is about right, I'm not going to go to her site or the 'funny' sites

    have you looked at the blog Like Mother, Like daughter? It is very down to earth- the archives are filled with food, family, and other practical advice

  6. phew-- I'm glad that you found a new fave perfume-- I think I used up your "Halloween"! I like your quick takes!!! -F

  7. I love your beautiful blog as always! May I ask you if I can share the photo above online? It's beautiful!

  8. jackie C- I saw this photo/graphic last year around Advent- I don't know the first person who posted it to do a proper citation- so I say use it for personal purposes (not commercial) and pray for the person who made it! :)


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