Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Math. Do you like it? Do you understand it? Have you perused the 'state standards' for math lately? 'They' want students to be doing Algebra I (more difficult than any Algebra I that I did as a high school freshman) as eighth graders at the latest. Are you spending lots of money and time at tutoring centers such as Kumon? Homeschooler or not, if you have children from about third grade and up or if your math skills are non-existent, use your google or facebook to log on to Khan Academy. It is free- I think with some of Bill Gates' money.

I can see this being a saving grace for a big family with lots of different levels. And I never studied past Algebra II, but I have a feeling my children will go beyond that- so I can use this to study for myself and/or make sure that they are getting supplemental help in math. Knowledge is power!


  1. This sounds a bit like bragging, but it's not meant to. I took Algebra I in eighth grade. It was optional, but they made everyone take a math test in sixth grade to determine what math level you should be at. In seventh, I took pre-algebra and eighth Algebra I. Was exempt from taking it again in hs. They wanted me to take Calculus my senior year, but I refused to go to all that trouble my last year of school right before college. I ended up taking a statistics course instead, which was fun. I don't remember much about it except that we got to eat m and m's. And that statistically there are more boys born than girls (by a small margin) but more girls survive than boys.

    My husband is the math wiz. Well he has a degree in physics and another one in planetary science so he uses a lot more math. I defer to him on all things math and science. He's terrible at writing/grammar. I guess that's my department?

  2. M and I like this. Also, I really like the book "Understanding Math: from Counting to Calculus"- we homeschooling mamas need to get our game on!-F

  3. I have to make "friends" with Math even at my advanced age :-) My good friend who never finished high school taught all of her grandchildren (six of them) to excel in math and go on to college. I wonder if this was the program that she used. It can be done and you can teach an old dog new tricks.


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