Thursday, December 28, 2017

on the 4th day of Christmas- 4 fun family games

As much fun as it is to watch studio C youtube videos together... Christmastide really should be family-together-time- not here's some new games we are loving lately- Do you need more screen-free family time?

Enchanted Forest- awesomely fun, high-quality game for the younger set while not being Candyland-level-boring for teens and up 

I bought the junior level game for our family and my parents sent us the 'normal' level game. it is difficult! Play with teams for more fun! 

Our youngest was just diagnosed with severe dyslexia. This game is fun for our non-reader up to the oldest! (and it is cute, too) 
Tolkien-inspired gifts are a requirement in our household. 

Bonus: a new puzzle! For those readers without toddlers in the house, leaving out a puzzle to work on as a family over a few days is a lot of fun. With a toddler, it would be torture. So- toddler families- wait a few years before you start this tradition! 
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