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Meet Miro: computer geek, papa, Catholic

How long have you been a practicing Catholic?
Using the words of my favourite poet L.Cohen: "I was born like this I had no choice I was born with the gift of this perfect faith...", but then there were dark times where I was not really practicing... more reciting and going to services...
Care to share your conversion, reversion story?
My mom passed away a year ago after short but intensive fight with brain tumor. Since that time I was really wandering in the past - playing that horrible movie again and again. The hole in my heart was so big that I did not feel afraid of to accuse Lord of not being Almighty....with all that frustration and despair I became an easy bit of food for the devil: neglected my tasks at job, ignored my wife....really horrible person to be with...Finally it was my wife who sent me and email invitation to join 3-day long adoration in the University pastoral center in Bratislava with words: go there hope you find peace and wisdom to realize what you are doing wrong with your life
... so I did go there and was amazed....first evening after the Mass I went to the confession like never before in my life and also for the first time in my life I felt that God is with me and forgives everything... truly everything for all that I said I was sorry for what did with my life and his talents. the story goes on... is to be continued until I see my Redeemer at the gate of the eternal life...pray that it is not followed by any reversion anymore...
How does your faith inform your day-to-day life?
I wake up and give thanks to Lord for having short but good sleep :-)... then I jump into car and train and commute 100 km each morning and then 100 km back in the evening past 4 years. I give thanks for surviving  in the today's tough corporate-social-responsible-politically-correct battle for my soul and kiss kids goodnight and provide one more word of praise for having a job and having family that I can go back each night.
What is your greatest challenge in practicing your faith? But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.--Gal 5,16
favorite Bible verse? For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.--John 3,16
favorite Spiritual writing quotation? Maria Valtorta- Poem of the Man God - When God's helping it is easy to carry the world, when not even lifting of the flower is impossible for us...
favorite saint and why? John Maria Vianney - for his stubbornness in fighting the Evil...
do have have a living spiritual mentor? no, not yet...
education and job 
Master degree in Macroeconomics but for more then 10 years working in IT: current position is IT portfolio management expert for big player in oil industry...
favorite movie, book, music
I like French and Czech comedies, but also comedies with A.Sandler and W.Ferrell, book: N.Mailer: Gospel according to the Son, music: troubadours with guitar:already mentioned L.Cohen, B.Dylan, J.Cash (especially his last 6 albums American recordings) Cat Stevens and Jarek Nohavica. --- no time for hobbies sadly...
what is 'cool'/interesting about you?
you say... I used to long to be "cool" in my younger years, now I try to fit in my role(s): good husband, dad and co-worker... is that cool enough?

Thank you for sharing, Miro!
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  1. How long have you been a practicing Catholic?:

    Started RCIA exactly 2 years ago, was confirmed on June 24th 2012.

    Care to share your conversion story?:

    I was raised nominally protestant by parents who did not really practice their faith but did believe in God. My sister, 17 years my senior, married a Catholic gentleman when I was about 2, and I went to church with her a few times as a child, being deeply impressed by the pageantry and Holiness therein--something even a child--or perhaps especially a child--can pick up on. Over the intervening years, I flitted in and out of various protestant churches, never feeling quite at home. I tried to join the Catholic church in my young twenties but I already had a divorce and remarriage behind me by that time and when I saw what I would have to do to procure an anullment, I was so overwhelmed I abandoned the idea. The idea refused to abandon me, however, and in my mid forties, with several divorces behind me, and a current, wonderful husband and 3 kiddos, I decided that whatever it took I would see it through this time. Best decision I ever made! God is good, all the time, as our priest says.

    How does your faith inform your day to day life?:

    I try to find time each day to retire to my prayer corner and pray. I also try to pray right away for each person I meet that requests prayer, so I don't forget. I wear a brown scapular and miraculous medal to remind me of my faith and my dedication to Our Lady.

    What is your greatest challenge practicing your faith?:

    Trusting God totally, without taking back the many anxieties I lay at His feet--trusting that He has it all under control and all I have to do is "just keep swimming" as Dory the fish said in Finding Nemo.

    Favorite Bible Verse:

    Don't have a Bible handy at the moment but it's in Jeremiah and it says "They shall seek Me, and they shall find Me, because they seek Me with all their heart,".

    Favorite Spiritual Writing Quotation:

    "Faith renders meaningless such words as anxiety, danger and fear, so that the believer goes through life calmly and peacefully, with profound joy--like a child hand in hand with his mother."---Ven. Charles de Foucauld

    Favorite Saint and why?:

    St Dymphna--an Irish princess whose mother died while she was still a young teen. Her father the King went mad over his wife's death, and began looking at Dymphna, who resembled her mother closely, with lust in his heart due to his maddened state. He insisted Dymphna marry him. Dymphna refused and fled to her parish priest, who bravely climbed into a boat with her and set said for the dutch coast of Gheel. Not long after their arrival, the King arrived in hot pursuit. He promptly had the priest beheaded, and told Dymphna the same fate awaited her if she would not return and marry him. She again refused, and was beheaded.

    This saint is patron of incest victims, those with anxiety and depression, other mental disorders, and many other things. I chose her because I am Irish, am a victim of childhood incestual abuse by my father, and suffer from severe anxiety disorder.

    Do you have a spiritual mentor?

    Yes, my associate priest/parochial vicar at my church took me under his wing after I made my first confession to him. I meet with him monthly.

    Education and Job:

    I have an associate degree in professional nursing and a certificate in substance abuse counseling. AT present I am a homemaker and caretaker to my ill husband .

    Fave book, movie, music:

    Book would have to be "Aquainted With the Night", a non fiction book about each hour of dusk til dawn and historical facts about life at night over the years, lyrically written.

    Movie would be Prince of Tides for secular, and The Nun's Story for religious.

    Music would be Litany of the Saints.

    What is cool/interesting about you?:

    I have a good sense of humor,


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