Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rachel weeping for her children

There is no utopia here on Earth. While we set off fireworks and sing anthems to the greatness that is the United States (for fellow American readers), we know we aren't perfect and we fall short of our constitution and God's laws. Our true citizenship lies with Heaven. We wait in joyful hope for the coming of our savior, Jesus Christ.

But even though we fall short, there is such an evil in communist China today with their one-child policy that forces sterilizations and abortions on women. Women's rights to basic health care, education, safety and other freedoms (the vote, right to own property, right to hold a passport) are a challenge throughout the world, but China is able to continue their abusive and satan-inspired policies with impunity. They are so huge economically. The West depends on their cheap goods. The West depends on China's buying of their debt. 

Watch this video (found at deltaflute's blog)(the middle of the video has a sad, disturbing image- skip over if you are sensitive- I closed my eyes) for a little 'inspiration' to work harder at boycotting Chinese goods as much as possible....I just got an old, American made sewing machine. The interior is all steel- not plastic components like the new Chinese made ones. A little creativity goes a long way...try clicking on my label 'shopping' for older blog posts on China and shopping.


  1. It's like every time there's an uproar about bad things being found in food from China (melamine, tainted meat, etc). Everyone worries about it being in our food sources. They don't seem to see the easy way to avoid it. STOP BUYING FOOD FROM CHINA! Buy food from your neighbours (like me) or at least buy food made in the country you live.

  2. I watched that video after seeing a link for it on LifeSiteNews...so, so terribly sad!! Where is the "feminist" outcry over this? These poor women have no "reproductive choice" when they are forcibly sterilized & their children are forcibly aborted. The U.S. ought to be providing asylum for families seeking to escape this tyranny of death. Lord have mercy!

  3. Paula, so true and SO easy to do! Honestly, I don't know why stuff is printed with Made in China. It's the default. I'm always shocked when I see something that is NOT made there.

  4. S,

    I believe that in the USA there is a more SUBTLE forced abortion attitude. Not as blatant as in China, but there is an unspoken (usually) incentive from the radical environmentalists that to kill your unborn child is politically correct. Many "choicers" would love it if the government created incentives to not have more than 2 kids. And I have no choice in how my taxes are funnelled to Planned parenthood, etc. If I refuse to pay that part of my taxes, I go to jail. So much for "choice". Thanks for the video.

  5. I have four beautiful children that are mine only because of the 1 child policy. I am grateful for them but I weep for their birthmothers. Maybe two of them with their obvious special needs (cleft lip/palate) still would have been abandoned, but maybe not. If you could have more than one child,your child would't have to be born "perfect."

    I always have to edit what I say about my feelings toward their birth country because they are very proud of being Chinese. However, as my oldest is now 10, I've begun to have frank talks with him about the lack of freedoms and the oppression that exists in China. I don't feel he's old enough to have real conversations about the 1 child policy and it's devastation, but some day we will have that conversation with all of them.

    Avoiding Chinese products is just too time consuming to figure out or too expensive to choose others for me right now. I try to buy local, buy "American" when possible, but truthfully there are a lot more than my children in this house that are Chinese made.

  6. Paula- very true! Capri Sun uses apple juice from China- argh- no more

    Kimberlie- Thanks for your comment! It is so hard- I have some adult ESL students from China- one is an eighteen-year old girl- I can't help but think she has been under siege her entire life

    Once again- prayers and fasting and trying to live a simple life so I can avoid goods made in China as much as possible

  7. I thought of this post this morning. As I was going through a bathroom drawer of extras, I glanced at a package of Bic razors. There at the bottom, in very legible print, were the words: MADE IN GREECE.

    I was amazed.

  8. Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce are doing everything they can to promote moving jobs to China and enacting trade agreements with Communist China. Some of big player promoting China trade are: Amway, Bank of America, Boeing, Citibank, W.R> Grace, ITT, Mary Kay and (of course!) Wal-Mart.


  9. Years ago there was a Chinese gentleman who attended daily Mass at one of the local parishes. You couldn't talk to him 5 minutes without discovering that he was mourning his second son whom he had lost to a forced abortion. It's not just the mothers who are hurt. The fathers and siblings hurt too.


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