Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday QuickTakes

1. Boy in March, Dad in April, Girl 3 in June and Girl 1 and 2 in July- Thank goodness to be finished with the birthday season- all this cake is getting tiresome!

2. Girl 1 was born in the middle of July and Girl 2 was born the next year a week earlier- so they are 51 weeks apart. Thank goodness for youth- they were both (relatively) easy to carry and give birth to- the drama came later.

3. Girl 1 wasn't even walking when Dad and she came into the hospital room to visit Girl 2 and me. The looks on the nurses' faces were priceless- and I would bet that they would be surprised to know that we ended up with 'only' four children. At the time, it seemed that this baby-thing would be easy.

4. Said daughters 1 and 2 have exchanged breakfasts in bed and small gifts (earrings and a 'Sisters' book)...I don't think I ever did something so thoughtful for sisters when we were young- but I love you anyways!

5. Daughter 2 had a great success making the master recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. We are very excited- and if their recipe for 'soft crusted whole-wheat bread' is as successful  I will never buy bread again. I highly recommend this book- just be really careful when you put the water in the oven for steam and don't burn yourself

6. Quick Ultimate Mac and Cheese- Three boxes of 'Deluxe' mac and cheese- use 2 of the packets of gooey fake cheese, add 2 large handfuls of shredded 3-cheese blend and some grated parmesan. Serve to cheese-loving daughter; give bread only to non-cheese-loving daughter (when it is birthday season, I'm flexible)

7. This is not a poodle.
Seven years ago, I told my oldest daughter I would get her a poodle when she is twelve. Poodles have been her favorite dog since she could have a preference. Well, she is twelve, and she didn't get a poodle. I didn't think we would still be in this small-for-us townhouse and that our life would be so chaotic. While we can afford to buy a poodle, we cannot afford vets and kennels and other essentials of being responsible dog owners. So, she got a betta fish. His name is Duke Azure of the Society of Indigo Dragon.

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  1. It could be worse ;-)

    This is how it was in my family growing up--and we lived in the same neighborhood as my dad's parents and both his brothers and their families:
    2/19: my brother & a cousin
    3/2: my grandmother & an uncle (she elected her c/s for her own birthday!)
    3/5: my dad
    3/12: me
    3/31: another uncle (yes, my grandmother had all 3 of her babies in March!)

    We could never give up sweets for Lent in our family! Back then, we attended everyone's birthday, too. It was crazy! Even now, it's still crazy with my FIL & BIL both near my brother's birthday. And I have two very good friends whose days are early March.

    As for the closeness of your girls--I know someone who got pregnant again when her first was only about 3 months old. Second baby's due date was about two weeks after what would be the first child's first birthday, but he came VERY early (27.5 wks). When the mother mentioned her older son, the nurses in the NICU of course asked how old he was. When she said "nine and and a half months" they were confused. I guess they forgot they were dealing with a preemie?

    I have two cousins who are 13 months apart to the DAY--and their little sister is 12 months, 3 weeks, 2 days younger than the middle child. :)

    Since I'll be a somewhat "older" mom, I wouldn't be surprised if we tried to have as many as possible since we'll have a shorter period of time. Only the Lord knows... :)

  2. Hope your birthday celebrations were lovely....but I hear ya on birthday season getting old. Yes, it is very fun, and sweet, and special....and So. Much. Work!!! (Especially for Mom, I think.)

  3. I know how you feel. We've in the middle of our "Little Season" here, the regular birthday Season comes in November.

    Rabbit, you never know what God has in store. I always wanted 4 children, but I didn't get married until I was 32. I had my first when I was 33. I didn't think I was going to have time for my 4 children. I'll be 42 this month. My 5th baby is 9 months old!

  4. Happy birthday S..... ! Two days ago, sorry I'm late. It's been busy up here. I hope Grandma called you.

    Love Gramps

  5. Betas are great. My oldest got one for her 11th birthday. We can't afford a dog. And I don't want to take care of it anyway.
    A very cheap animal to get and keep are fire-bellied toads. We have four in 10 gallon tank and they are very hardy creatures.
    Our birthdays are between March and August, all six of them. The kids usually give each other little presents, it's rather sweet.

  6. MY kids are February (with my dad's this month as well and a niece and nephew in March) April, May, July (sister and wedding anniversary this month, too), August (husband in August as well)and November--with my mom and two nephews in September. Then Christmas, then a month to catch my breath and start the whole thing over again!

  7. Oh that fish's name....that is TOTALLY something my oldest would come up with. Hilarious and fantastic!

    We end up doing only 3 birthdays for the 6 people in our house because it IS so tiring and time consuming and bake-filled! Daughters 1 & 3 plus hubby all get theirs at the end of March/early April, Daughter 2 and I get ours at the end of June and our son gets his very own special day at the end of August. If we have a 5th baby someday, I pray he or she will also arrive at the end of know, help us keep things simple and organized ;)

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  8. Thank you Elizabeth! (if you see this) We will be married 4 years in September, but are waiting for a few serious health reasons before starting our family. Hopefully things are changing for the best and can begin our family in a year or two. I am now 31, my husband is 34. We worry about not having any at all, but we know that if I were to have a baby now, it would be dangerous for me and the child. So we wait and pray that everything will turn out as it should.


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