Thursday, July 14, 2011

PrettyHappyFunnyReal--- Crafters for Life

To be Mary and Martha simultaneously---My daughters decided to extend their fun after a year of Little Flowers Catholic Girls' Club, so they got some friends to form 'Crafters for Life,' a group that meets to crochet, knit and sew baby goods to donate to the local crisis pregnancy center. They are starting small, but it is a dream for them to actively use their talents for a pro-life cause.

little baby booties for a precious life made by a young crafter


girls sewing and some projects to donate to the center---my girls are so happy that their dream is coming true to help babies and inspire mothers


Making hand crafts means reading directions and tearing out a few hours of work when the pattern just isn't coming together. It can also mean tired hands and eyes- But every stitch is a prayer....The video below was an inspiration to my oldest daughter. She wants to do something similar for life, but for now, she is making crafts for babies in her own backyard.


  1. Great post! I'm not crafty, so I'm always inspired when I see other moms teaching their daughters practical things like knitting, sewing, etc. Great blog! Glad I stumbled upon it :-)

  2. What a wonderful project! It is so great to see young ones enthusiastic to help and work to make a better world :)

  3. Oh how beautiful! I LOVE what your daughters are doing. What an inspiration to all of us.

  4. I love "every stitch is a prayer!" What a joyful post to find this morning. I am going to look into this for my daughter. Good job, girls!

  5. What a great idea...your girls are wonderful witnesses to the sanctity of life! Congratulations on raising them well!

  6. mama bear, JD- I'm not sure how organized they will get, but they want me to make a logo for the gift tags! and now my (oldest, of course)daughter is getting nervous if the crafts are good enough- I say the thoughts and prayers count!

  7. I LOVE the idea of making baby items for a pregnancy center! What a perfect and positive way to for your daughters to be involved in building a Culture of Life! Pregnancy help centers are the very backbone of the pro-life movement...and what a winning combination when "every stitch is a prayer." That brought a big smile to my face today! Love it! :D

  8. What precious girls and what lovely crafts. Some mothers are going to feel the love of God through those gifts, I'm sure!


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