Thursday, July 21, 2011

PrettyHappyFunnyReal- Birthday Edition

So- it is my Big 4-0...I could be depressed over wrinkles and wiry white hairs, but I suppose I should just relish the forty years God has given me and make plans for the next forty. The two little ones are fighting fevers, so no photos today...and please excuse the speed-typing typos!
Birthday Memories & Stuff
Some beautiful roses were given to me by parishioners in anticipation of my birthday. My English students gave me a pretty tin of real Chinese tea. The silver van in our driveway (given two months ago) is very pretty. Really everything is pretty about a birthday- streamers, balloons, the cake, prettily wrapped presents
When I was a kid in Southern Califonia, we had pinatas at our parties. It might have looked silly for me as a bleach blonde girl beating the pinata, but it was very happy-making in those years before bouncy houses and professional party planners. I had a pretty gold and white pinata at my wedding as well to relive those happy memories.
One funny birthday memory- Uncle B, in a clown costume, sat on my birthday cake when I was four. I don't think it was part of his act, and I believe we ate the cake. Another funny memory was the 'Snipe-hunting' at my sixteenth birthday folks will fall for anything ;)
Priest-husband left at six this morning to do an anti-terrorism training with the police and then has a full day of work at the hospital, so he might be home at 9 in the evening. I guess I will eat my classroom potluck flan with the kids before I put them to sleep. This is the reality of our life, but as long as the children have health, it is okay! Daughter #1 gave me 'breakfast' in bed today- toast and tea. Not elaborate, but thoughtful.

so that's that! Short and sweet (?)


  1. Many years!!! You are still very young. I hope your kids feel better soon!

  2. Wishing you a VERY happy birthday here, as well as Twitter ;-)

    Last year, my husband also had to work until 8, wasn't home until 9. On a Friday. Yes, such is life. I was more thankful that he had a JOB to work late hours for after so many months of no work.

    Did you know your uncle was going to be the clown? And attend the party? When I was 3, my dad rented a Big Bird costume, but didn't tell anyone, not even my mother. Imagine the surprise when someone looked out the front window and shouted "Hey! It's Big Bird!" And my mom let him in!!!!!

    I don't remember when he let on that it was him, but she must have figured it out when she realized my father hadn't come home from work yet... ;-)

  3. Many happy returns! I've been reading your blog for ages, but I had no idea we were shared a birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday to a wonderful hard-working woman. God grant you many happy years. See? I speak Byzantine.

  5. Happy Birthday!! God grant you many years. 40 is very young. I have many more grays than you!! -Faith

  6. Happy birthday! Sometimes the actual day doesn't work out, but you are right, it's good to be alive and giving thanks for so many blessings!

  7. ...I'll try to not be too much of a fangirl...but THANKS for the birthday wishes, Leila!


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