Friday, November 20, 2015

Why do you attend Eastern Christian religious services? survey results

Why do you attend Eastern Christian religious services?

Habit-- 18.75% of respondents
cultural/family/work obligation-- 15.00%
good feeling-- 37.50%
learning new things-- 33.75%
oasis from a busy week-- 31.25%
love for God-- 92.50%
love for community-- 53.75%
family time-- 22.5% (more than 1 response possible)
- My husband loves the Eastern churches. If we had one nearby that we could attend on a regular basis, he would seriously consider becoming Eastern Catholic (he's now Roman).
- We all attend Divine Liturgy together to learn more about the Eastern church.
- we love the Divine Liturgy
- Sense of eternity
- I need it!
- Truth
- Fell in love with the Divine Liturgy 16 years ago. Can't imagine life without it.
- When I first went, it felt like home.
- All of the above! It is my heritage, but it is also the perfect way For me to fulfill my obligation to worship God and recharge my soul, so to speak.
- Reverence of the Divine Liturgy
- The Byzantine church that I attend combines many of the things I love about the Roman rite and most of the things I loved about the protestant church I grew up in, and has little to none of the annoyances that distract me. In short, it is the best fit for me.
- Liturgical integrity
- Theology prayed in the liturgical services.
- love Divine Liturgy!!!
- It is my faith.
- We are transfers, so we chose this.
- only available churches near where I live/work
- more traditional liturgy
- Oasis from the Novus Ordo Roman rite when Traditional Latin Mass not available.
eastern spirituality
- Ascesis of bringing my children to church
- because it is MY Church canonically
- Ancient & true!
- Theosis
- Being a Byzantine Christian is who I am and liturgical worship is "what we do."
- Drawn to theology and liturgy
- We feel as if we found a rich spiritual treasure & a new spiritual home when we discovered the Divine Liturgy 10 years ago.
- desire

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