Thursday, November 19, 2015

'Eastern Catholic & Orthodox laity & visitors' survey results- some demographics

In which church were you baptized?
Catholic, Roman-rite 42% of respondents
Catholic, Byzantine-rite-- 36% 
Catholic, Eastern-rite other than Byzantine-- 1% 
Orthodox-- 3% 
non-liturgical Christian (such as Baptist, non-denominational)-- 8% 
liturgical Christian (such as Lutheran, Episcopalian)(non-Catholic or Orthodox)-- 11% 
non-Christian 0.00% 
no religion 0%
---As an infant I was baptized in the Orthodox Church. When I was 11 or 12 my parents joined the Byzantine Catholic Church & I was rebaptized [hmm- this should not have happened] & reconfirmed.
---baptized in a Protestant church, became Byzantine Rite Catholic at age 17
---Baptised again in Roman Catholic church because the baptismal records from Episcopal church could not be found (after I became Catholic).
Which Eastern Catholic or Orthodox church do you worship in the most frequently?
Byzantine Catholic- same jurisdiction as my confirmation/chrismation/canonical status-- 28.92% 
Byzantine Catholic- different jurisdiction as my confirmation/ chrismation/canonical status -- 33.73% 
Byzantine Catholic regular visitor-- 7.23% 
Other Eastern Catholic (specify in comments)-- 8.43% 
Orthodox- same jurisdiction as my confirmation/ chrismation/canonical status -- 10.84% 
Orthodox- different jurisdiction as my confirmation/ chrismation/canonical status -- 3.61% 
Orthodox regular visitor-- 7.23%
---Not sure which to check as none match our situation. My husband and I were both raised RC but started attending a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church shortly after we were married. Ten years later we canonically transferred to that Church. [I should have specified ‘attend same jurisdiction as confirmation/canonical status or something like that- I am going to change it!]
--- I was not confirmed, I was crismated 
--- I guess Byz Cath but different from confirmation jurisdiction is right. We transferred Rites several years ago, so we only occasionally attend Roman Catholic Mass anymore. We are officially Byzantine, and attend a parish of our official jurisdiction as well...but since my spouse and I were confirmed RC, it's actually a different Rite altogether.
--- Ruthenian and Romanian
--- Latin rite Catholic canonically, attempting to transfer to Melkites, attend Russian Catholic Church
--- I belong to an Orthodox parish but I was confirmed at birth when baptized in a Byzantine Catholic Church.
--- Became Orthodox, via Chrismation. My pastor said there was no re-do of sacraments.
--- I am Roman Catholic but I am a regular visitor to your great blog. I do attend Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy very infrequently because it is so far away.
--- Canonically Latins but planning to request Change of Ritual Church. All of our children think of themselves as Byzantines.

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