Thursday, November 19, 2015

'Eastern Catholic & Orthodox laity & visitors' survey results- more demographics

How often do you attend Eastern Christian (Catholic or Orthodox) religious services?
Never-- 2.38% 
once or twice a year-- 7.14% 
once or twice a month-- 10.71% 
once a week-- 52.38% 
twice a week-- 15.48% 
more than twice a week-- 11.90%
Also Great Fast, Holy Week, Philip's Fast and feast days.
Or more if Holy Days
It's been several years.
and Feast Days
Always at least once a week, sometimes more often, especially with Holy Days and special services at times.
Once a week when I am at home, when at college, attend a Roman Catholic church because there is no Eastern Catholic church
Our local Greek Orthodox church has a wonderful Good Friday service
During Lent it may be twice a week. At other times of the year it may be only for feats of Our Lord, Our Lady, and St. John the Baptist.
Vespers and Liturgy each week, additional services when available, but we don't have daily services
Sometimes more
Would attendore frequently but my parish only has Sunday Liturgy
about 6-8 times a year
I no longer live in a Christian country, so I only attend when travelling abroad.
Only available every other week
How far must you drive (one-way) to the Eastern Christian place of worship you frequent?
less than 15 minutes-- 29.27% 
15- 29 minutes-- 26.83% 
30- 44 minutes-- 28.05% 
45- 60 minutes-- 15.85% 
Why this church? 
-Priest in charge of the mission is a friend and seminary classmate of my husband.
-closest option
-Feels like our spiritual home.
-Most liturgical Lutheran church in …. area
-closest to home (and I really like it)
-Only Eastern Catholic church in the area
-I'm a cantor there
-English used
-Long Story
-It is my home parish I was raised in
-It is Russian Greek Catholic and has remained true to its Orthodox roots.
-This was my grandmother's baptismal parish, so when we moved to this area we chose to go there rather than the parish closest to us.
-why not? after all it is like going home for me.
-Cathedral. Local church too Latinized.
-closest one where English is predominant language of Liturgy. GF attends Romanian Cathedral also so I go with her a lot.
-the priest is awesome
-I have close friends who are Greek Orthodox and their current church is the one I was married in--the Archdiocese of Boston closed it and sold it to the Greek church as part of the reorg in 2005.
-Five Byzantine and three Ukrainian within 30 mins.
-Russian liturgy, community
-Good Liturgy, Great People
-It is the closest Byzantine church to us, it is near both my and my husband’s families, and we were married there.
-It is our local Ukrainian Catholic Church
-The only one in the Country
I-t is the closest Byzantine Catholic Church; I have friends there; I love the liturgy
-I must travel ~1.5-2+ hours by ferry, train, and taxi/bus to reach the only Orthodox church in my city.
-I am related to a Byzantine priest.
-We found a home and our children are thriving. We feel called East. Great Vespers and Divine Liturgy are regularly offered.
-Closest Eastern catholic church
-closest Byzantine Catholic church is 5hr drive

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