Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some Thoughts Posted at Huffington Post Religion

Huffington Post Religion posted a short reflection on the Nativity Fast that I wrote. I invite you to click over there and take a look!
If you are visiting from Huffington Post Religion, I encourage you to click on the posts below to see where I am coming from.


  1. Nice reflection! Also, it was nice to learn that your name is Sarah! It seems strange to be thinking of real-life people by their blog handles!

  2. In response to something in the article (or maybe it was in one of the comments, I can't find it now), I tried to post the following comment to Huffington's article, but it wouldn't take:

    I have a "Keep Christ in Christmas" sign in my front yard. Contrary to the main article (?), I do respect other religions and I don't think my sign is symptomatic of hating other religions. Please do not judge my motivation in placing the sign on my property ! Peace be with you.

    However, your article (or comment to the article) was great and Huffington certainly needs it. Sincere thanks for educating them and me regarding Byzantine Catholic Advent practices. Happy Advent !

    1. Anonymous- I think they didn't enable comments with the little articles- thanks for the nice words

      I have a 'Keep Christ in Christmas' magnet to put on my car- provided by the wonderful Knights of Columbus


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