Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pretty Happy Funny Real Romanians

Pretty- Baby Girl was pretty at the Divine Liturgy last Sunday, wearing national dress to commemorate Romania's National Day.
Happy- Boy was happy to wear his Maramures hat- the region where his daddy is from. And I was happy to see the little ones interacting so well. They are good friends even when they are squabbling.
Funny- Kids are funny. Boy traveled to Europe when he was four months old, so he is much more of a world traveler than I ever was. We live in a very diverse area, and he has friends of all colors and creeds. None of this mattered when he was listening to a 'pray as you go' recording. The background music was from Africa, I told him. He looked at me with wide eyes. "Africa! People live in Africa?" He thought that Africa is filled only with animals like zebras and lions with no people. Kids are funny.
and yes...I am getting a camera for Christmas. No more of these awful cellphone camera photos!


  1. Haha! I love it when we get a glimpse into their minds...Africa people live in Africa. Love the traditional Romanian dress, do you live over seas or state side? Blessings, Kyle (Used to be at Roosterhill but blogger told me I could not download any more pictures :( so now I'm at Unsearchable Riches!)

    1. We are in the States- but my husband's entire extended family is in Romania.

      YIKES about blogger putting limits...maybe it is good that I don't have a good camera ;)

  2. love the traditional dress and hat! How exciting to be getting a camera.

  3. Sweet! You will be so excited with your new camera :)


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