Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Very Quick Takes

1. Are your Christmas preparations stressing you? First, read this troparion of Christmas and pray about the true meaning of the holiday:
Your birth, O Christ our God
Has shed upon the world the light of knowledge;
For through it, those who worship the stars
Have learned from a star to worship You, the Sun of Justice
And to recognize You as the Orient From On High.
Glory be to You, O Lord
Then, click on this link and listen to the Nuns of Chester chant an Advent hymn. Don't you feel calmer?
2. Baby Girl refused to wear her homemade sister-matching Christmas kitty skirt (Girl #1 got a fourth tier on her Christmas dogs skirt), but deigned to wear a ballerina skirt I made her.
3. For a completely different but equally beautiful song, click here and listen to a Arabic Byzantine Christmas Hymn. The theology-rich lyrics should be read and prayed.
4. Baby Girl finally stopped pouting and started dancing in her skirt
5. Bloggers should not be sensitive types. that. is. all.
6. from last year...I still enjoy these (& before someone gets upset, the cartoonist is making fun of commercialized Santa, not Saint Nicholas):
7. I wonder how someone got priest-husband's cell phone number. It's in our bulletin, but these are strangers. He is off to anoint a person in a nursing home. Yes, it is after 10:00 PM and he got home at 8 after working since 7:30. I guess no one else was available. I would have chauffeured him as he is exhausted from a long day's work, but I don't want to leave the children sleeping in the house alone.


  1. #5: Easier said than done. I've been blogging for almost 12 1/2 years and criticism still stings.

  2. #5. I know that, yet I also reserve the right to moderate comments without explanations... and to put certain commenters on the spam filter. :( And I've done those a handful of times in the last 11 years since I started blogging.

  3. Love that cartoon. We don't "do" Santa Claus in our house and my in-laws are scandalized (we pretend to believe just like the kids pretend with Spongebob) claiming that Christmas is not "magical" for my, they just know the entire reason for the holiday is the birth of Christ and are in awe of their salvation. That is all.

  4. Yeah, I love reading criticisms from anonymous readers.

    1. constructive criticism is ok...but it doesn't feel good (and bringing my husband into it...ouch)

  5. Criticism via internet is difficult, people don't seem to want to be kind, just nasty, which is not nice.
    Cartoon is very funny. I read your blog often to get insight into what my life may become, in a smaller way, when my husband is ordained a deacon in the Roman Rite. It's not easy to be called into His service, but so rewarding. peace.

  6. My husband was ordained an Anglican Catholic (not RC Anglican rite)priest in September. I love finding blogs of women who share a similar experience. I look forward to searching your blog and learning!

    1. Michele- Welcome! The labels to your right might help you navigate the archives- good luck in ministry


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