Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Pretty Happy Funny Real Vacation

Pretty- we visited the most beautiful carousel I have ever seen. All of the horses are hand-carved by master craftsmen who also happen to be volunteers.  If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, head to Salem's riverfront carousel
Happy- cousin time! Not only did my kids get to play with their best friends, two sweet baby cousins were there to go ga-ga over. Only 8 of the crew were missing...
Funny- Baby Girl has been on a 'Rapunzel' kick. After cutting her longish hair into a mullet, I had to give her a bob-cut. Big Sister #1 made her a Rapunzel braid (that's what she is holding in the photo), and Big Sister #2 bought her a Brave (we haven't seen it yet) dress from the Disney store at the mall. We never go to the mall.
Real- I'm feeling wimpy about this- I know a one-year old who has been sent to the old country for a year so the parents can work.... but the big girls are staying with grandparents until the end of the month. We are still in the same time zone and they are having a great time...but...we miss them. And the little ones really miss them. Hi girls! (sometimes I let them read a post- not all!)

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  1. Heh, yeah. My in-laws keep offering to take a kid for a little while. But, I keep thinking, I don't know if I could stand to be away from them that long.

  2. I married a Greek Orthodox and it is quite common, in my corner of Australia, for young parents who wish to work to send the little child to Greece so that they can work.


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