Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hearty London Broil Salad a la "I don't know exactly when the guests will be here"

It's been getting a little hot here, so dinner salad has been on my mind. of course, my go-to blog for homemaking inspiration, Like Mother, Like Daughter had a splendid post on salad and the secret to the perfect one- a platter. So, I copied Leila.
Guests were coming to dinner, and I had a London broil that needed to be cooked. I didn't know exactly when they would be arriving, so drying out the meat was a very real possibility. I could make a stew, as usual. But then I remembered Leila's salad post. I decided on broiling the meat, slicing it and serving it room-temperature on top of a salad. Here's the basic recipe:

on a platter, place:
baby kale greens
sliced red onions
chopped broccoli florets
sliced crimini mushrooms
cherry tomatoes
drizzle homemade dressing (click on Leila's post for a specific recipe)
 over the fresh vegetables
place sliced beef over the salad
serve with good bread

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