Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PrettyHappyFunnyReal kids- just an Easter photo

Christ is risen!

I took this photo with my non-smart phone last week on Mercy Sunday. We were so blessed to have a weekend to travel to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary. The couple were the 'Godparents' for my husband when we were married almost 14 years ago. At the time, they had one daughter who was a year old. Then, they had one more child and had to wait over ten more years to adopt three children. It was wonderful to see God's work in their life. And it was wonderful that we had a faithful substitute priest to let us have a weekend away from town. 


  1. See! Your kids look angelic in pictures, too!

  2. I almost used our Easter pic this week too! :) This is precious. I love little guy's vest- so classy! Thank you for sharing their smiles this morning.

  3. He is risen in deed ! You dun good (with God's help)!

  4. Great Job getting that wonderful pix, I'm praising theLord with you! :)


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