Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Still Easter


  1. I was wondering about your take on Italy's not accepting married clergy in their Byzantine churches. (not to be divisive-- it would just be interesting to see your take on that...)


  2. I am VERY MUCH AGAINST the Italian Roman-rite bishops disrespecting the East's ancient traditions.

    This might end up like the US in the late 1800s/early 1900s where MANY Byzantine Catholics left the Church and became Orthodox (google Bishop John Ireland and OCA.

    We cannot pray for unity with the orthodox when basic traditions are disrespected in the East. The possibility of a married clergy is at the core of our spirituality just as a celibate priesthood has become a core of Roman-rite spirituality. But the Italians will say 'people will be confused....'- then TEACH THE PEOPLE ABOUT THE DIFFERENT RITES AND DEFEND A CELIBATE PRIESTHOOD IN THE WEST- if it is good, it will remain

    (F- yes, I have strong feelings about this because it SEEMS they want the destruction of my rite- it would just be easier if everyone was Western- but everyone is not Western and we Byzantines must remain as a sign of the past unity of the Church)

    1. Amen, I support you one-hundred percent. This is sheer stupidity...

  3. I hope and pray to God that they do not want the destruction of your honorable rite. And I pray that the Holy Father will defend the holy traditions practiced by Byzantine priests in Italy.

  4. I don't understand the reasoning-- just that it would confusing to the faithful....? I think you should write a post about it. -Faith


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