Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Day in the Life of Kh.Jen- guest post part 2

continued from yesterday..
  "Upon arriving home, I give Daniel a bath because he's been playing in grass (one of his allergies) and put him in clean clothes.  We then go have "adventures" with today's adventure being dropping my tax extension envelope off at the drop boxes outside the post office (because my mailman is incompetent) and a trip to the grocery store for Cheerios and Pedialyte.  When we get home, I change Daniel's diaper, give him a sippy cup of Pediasure 1.5, and put him in the pack n' play to take a nap.  I then make my lunch (some soup from Bertolli) and settle in to eat.  Edda comes over and meows at me to share.  I explain to her that house panthers don't eat tomato florentine soup and happen to look down and notice that I'm now wearing some of it.  I change my shirt and take the dirty one along with an armload of laundry to the laundry shed to pre-treat and wash it before the stain sets.  After coming back in, I settle back in the recliner and realize that I'm getting sleepy.  I put my computer on the coffee table and curl up for an afternoon nap.

I wake up to Daniel babbling in the pack n' play at 4:50 and wish that Jon was home so that I didn't have to get up from my comfy spot.  Oh well... it's in my job contract as a mom.  I grab Daniel from the bedroom, change his dirty diaper, put Winnie the Pooh on, and catnap some more.  Jon gets home from his day (office hours, lunch with pastor colleagues, visits, and a board meeting for the local food pantry) around 6 and settles in to watch Winnie the Pooh (the classic one) with us until he has to leave at 6:30.  I use his presence as an opportunity to grab some cereal because I know that I won't get a chance to eat until 9 p.m. otherwise.  He leaves at 6:30 for the church council meeting next door at the church and I use the time to put Daniel in his jammies and transfer the laundry to the dryer.

Tuesday is NCIS night and our CBS affiliate has programming start an hour earlier than most other stations so the first NCIS episode starts at 7.  I curl up in the recliner and Daniel alternately hangs out in my lap eating cheese and plays by himself.  During a commercial break, I see that he stripped naked and is waving his diaper over his head so I quickly change him.  It's an interesting episode tonight and perhaps one that will be built upon at another time.  NCIS: Los Angeles comes on at 8 and is a re-run.  Jon gets home at 8:30 and settles in to watch TV with Daniel and I.  At 9:00, I gather Daniel and his sippy cup and we head to his pack n' play where I give him kisses and set the blinds on the windows so that Daniel can't mess with them.  Jon heads in shortly after to do Daniel's bedtime routine (story, song, prayers) with him.

After Daniel goes down for the night, I watch some He-Man, work on a few projects on my laptop, pray for things that come up on my Facebook, listen to podcasts, and relax.  My main project is putting together a blog for my Reece's Rainbow kid.  Around 11:30, I realize that the reason I'm not asleep yet is that I'm hungry and I'm also stuffed up from my sinus infection.  A roll-up and some Sudafed solve that and before I know it, I've drifted off to sleep in the recliner instead of in my nice cozy bed.   

Jen is a Lutheran pastor's wife living in northern California with her husband and 3 year old son Daniel.  She documents life at ::Meditatio::.                                                             


  1. Thanks Jen for your posts- I can see that you are in the throes of mommyhood

    for readers- Jen and I both had babies who were due about August 6 three years ago- I had my daughter at 32 weeks (4 lbs 3 oz) in June and she had her son at 28 weeks (!) because of pre-eclampsia (I had it too but my body stuck it out a bit longer- well...a lot longer....every day counts when you are juggling prematurity and toxemia)

  2. wondering if you have heard of the GAPS diet for healing (or partial healing) of autism? Nice to hear about the day in your life!!! I would love more information about what you think of your share in the "ministry"!


  3. Kaylee: I have heard of it but we haven't tried it as of yet, mostly because Daniel is so underweight that we're trying to get enough calories in to get him up to a healthier weight.


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