Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Lutheran Pastor's Wife- a guest post

"I open my eyes to see a little black face eye to eye with me.  I look over at the alarm clock which read 6:17.  Edda!  I attempt to explain to my little house panther (Edda) that we needed to re-set her alarm because she was an hour early.  She snuggles down with me and before I know it, there is a cute little blond boy running into the living room where I fell asleep with my laptop the night before.  Jon grabs my laptop and glasses to stow them in a safe place while Daniel and I watch cartoons and he has his Cheerios and a sippy cup with his Pediasure 1.5 in it.  (It's a medical-grade incarnation of Pediasure that Daniel gets three times a day to supplement some calories that he isn't getting for other reasons.)  At 7:50, I move him off my lap and go to the laundry shed to get some clothes for him.  We get him dressed and Jon comes in from showering and getting ready just as we were about to do his shoes.  Jon takes over while I hastily run to the kitchen, climb over the baby gate, and make Daniel his roll-up (a tortilla with pub cheese from Trader Joe's for his lunch.  I pack his lunch box and the two boys leave to get Daniel to preschool and Jon to the church (around the corner from our parsonage).  After they leave, I curl back up in the recliner and do Internet stuff, praying for people as I see prayer requests come in.  I read my devotional book online and surf through my comics, Google reader, and links.  I also munch on a roll-up, take my pills, and curse at the antibiotics for my sinus infection which are currently giving me stomach issues.

When 9:30 rolls around, I toss on clothes and get in the car to drive to Best Buy where I will be picking up the printer I ordered for store pick-up last night.  My current one is demon-possessed and missing part of the power cord (which is probably some place in the bedroom but until I can shovel all the detritus around I'm not going to find it).  This new one is a printer/scanner/copier and cost less than my former printer (an HP deskjet) did.  Score!  As I drive to the town north of me, I have KLOVE on in the car and try not to think grumpy thoughts about it being pledge drive season for them.  I get to Best Buy early so I go look around the Old Navy two stores down.  I see some possiblities for shirts but decide to come back later.  I should also probably replace my flip-flops but there's time yet for that.  I stroll down to Best Buy where I pick up the printer and also buy a two year warranty for it.  After that, I head back to my own town to hit up the post office for stamps, CVS for postcards so that I can do some postcrossing on Daniel's behalf, and Carl's Jr for some Coke.  (Hi, my name is Jen and I'm a Coke addict.)
Arriving back home, I set up the printer, get it set up with the wi-fi in our parsonage, and get my tax extension form printed out.  During this time, Cullen (my big orange sissy cat with a jet engine motor) comes out and ponders the idea of coming to check me out.  I affirm his tabby manliness and the boldness of his stripes and he heads back into the bedroom.  After getting all the printing done, I realize that I haven't tortured my cats recently so I get the vacuum cleaner from the kitchen and vacuum up the debris field of Cheerios from the living room carpet.  After that, I surf some more blogs, pray for people, check the site of the Reece's Rainbow child for whom I'm an Angel so I can pray for him, and then get ready at 12:45 to head to get Daniel from preschool.  When I get to the preschool (a block away), Daniel is busy playing with his teacher and aides.  Once he and his teacher realize that I'm there, his teacher reports that he had a stellar day with maybe a minute of crying and lots of engaging in activities and imitation.  (For those who don't know, Daniel is autistic and started preschool last week in the autism class.)  We work on waving bye-bye and the two of us head home."

Jen is a Lutheran pastor's wife living in northern California with her husband and 3 year old son Daniel.  She isn't sure when exactly she lost her mind but it's probably documented at ::Meditatio::.  In her spare time, she spoils her 4 cats, raises awareness for preeclampsia (you know you want to sponsor her in the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia), and is a Guardian Angel for Brett through Reece's Rainbow.  She also reads too much, is in a constant search for the perfect iced vanilla latté, and has grandiose visions of what her garden will look like this year.

...enjoy part two of Jen's day tomorrow!

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