Monday, December 6, 2010

Singing with Saint Nicholas

Jolly old Saint Nicholas, lean your ear this way
Don't you tell a single soul (except the Theotokos and Her Son) what I'm going to say
Christmas Eve is coming soon. Now you dear holy man,
this is what I ask of you; tell me if you can:

Grandma wants the CCHD stopped
I'd like a Douay Rheims
Bunicu wants an easy visa
so he can finally see the States

Father wants the monsignor
to return his calls
The kids should practice Latin-n-Greek
not run around the halls

Big Girl 1 would like a poodle
Big Girl 2 wants another cat
Boy would like more, more cars
who can argue with that?

Big Baby Girl would like a new
wooden kitchen from family far away
She'll have to wait for now
Uncle needs to hit the hay

Bishop & Saint Nicholas
We Byzantines adore
you were a champion of the Faith
We praise your works all the more

Although you're used for commercial gain
we remember your great life
through your intercession now
please help end this world's strife
(my apologies...try to sing to the tune of Jolly Old St Nicholas)

Kontakion of St. Nicholas

...You were truly a priestly worker in Myra,
for zealously living the Gospel of Christ,
you dedicated your life to your people;
you saved the innocent from death.
Therefore you have been sanctified
as one who has entered the mystery of God's grace.


  1. This is really good. Did you write it yourself?

  2. haha- yup, it was me- forced rhythm and rhyme and all

  3. I can't believe you this is so wonderful. Although that I shouldn't have to be surprised.
    You got everyone in. Congratulations.

  4. DSM- as a former English major- I can say my poem is horrific, but it is what it is :)


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