Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Boy and A Boat- Mommy-blog Style

Enjoying an hour in a rented boat at the harbor, Boy decided he was the captain and we all were his servants. Oh- to have the confidence of early childhood! 
Although we enjoy the relative warmth around here, we are searching for the time and place to go run to the snow to have a 'real' Advent and Christmas.


  1. Oh, your Boy is so cute!

    If you want any cold weather you can come down to Alabama. No snow, but ice and super-cold.

  2. Ohhh summer !! and me here so cold :)

    I like your pictures.

    We bought a ham by internet 2 weeks ago, my husband was a little upset and worry about it, but at the end it came last tuesday. My husbad was so excited and happy that he ask me that I took the pictures :)

    Have a nice weekend


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