Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Thoughts- 7 QuickTakes

I am determined to do seven, totally random quick takes just as Jen does at Conversion Diary. Usually I concoct some theme. So here it goes...

1. My husband wanted me to write a post on the Immaculate Conception. I felt like better, more intellectual blogs have explained the holy day well. Well, the vast majority of people (including a Catholic deacon) he spoke to believed that the Immaculate Conception is the same as the Virgin Birth. No, it's not. The Immaculate Conception in a nutshell: Mary was conceived without sin by Anne and Joachim; she was kept free from sin from the moment of this conception in preparation for her FIAT to God. We celebrate her birthday on September 8 because we celebrate her conception on December 8.

2. There is no better Advent breakfast than chile and cheese tamales left over from the end-of-the-semester class party and black tea with egg nog. Add a chaser of Trader Joe's sweet and spicy pecans, and I am a happy woman.

3. Do your children have a case of the Christmas gimmes? Break out your Little House books and read the Christmas portions- especially the year when Pa is lost in a blizzard for three days and he brings them a can of oysters. Come to think of it, I should re-read these stories for myself and be more grateful for the blessings I overlook.

4. My big girls are practicing Shakespeare's Macbeth (sorry- the Scottish play) for a March performance with their drama class. What a bleak play to be practicing during the winter. They must have all their lines memorized by next week, and yes, sometimes it is nice for this homeschooling mom to have other people make their kids accountable.

5. I think progesterone is mightily lacking in today's women- maybe. After a late miscarriage where the placenta was calcified at 20 weeks, I decided I need progesterone supplementation. I got a One More Soul doctor to give me a script- and I took the drug at the first signs of pregnancy throughout the entire pregnancy with my last two children. Progesterone is what is lacking if your luteal phase is really short. Talk to a doctor if you think this might help you.

6. I thought that all blogspot blogs were censored by China, but sometimes my stats report otherwise. I imagine a lone reader, hacking a way out of the Chinese firewalls...and the same for my reader from Saudi Arabia. I pray that those with more freedom will use it for more than just reading celebrity gossip and watching kittens playing.

7. Awful food for thought: My husband participated in a talk from a Holocaust survivor yesterday. Eva was a twin and was forced to participate in medical experiments. She spoke of the power of forgiveness; the victim who forgives takes back power and gets the "last word" from the victimizers. As far as she knows, the experiments had to do with contraception. The company that invested the most in these experiments was Bayer.  We all know that company;  we probably all have Bayer aspirin in our cabinets. The evil in the world is overwhelming.  As the Lord said, "prayer and fasting is needed to drive out this kind of demon."

Bonus Quick Take: The Holy Father's general intention for November (forgot to post it...) was:
General Intention: For the eastern Churches, that their venerable tradition may be known and appreciated as a spiritual treasure for the entire Church.

Thank you Pope Benedict for praying for us!


  1. I am reading the Christmas selections from LH right now. I love the LH books and am determined my children will too. So far its not working, but they still have to sit and listen to me read the Christmas selections.

    I am not Catholic so the idea of the Immaculate Conception is foreign to me. Could you tell us more?

  2. Very good at random!

    on #5, I agree! I have had to supplement with progesterone for my last three pregnancies. With my third baby, I was able to take Prometrium orally. for my fourth pregnancy, I had to use vaginal supplements. This time, I'm getting two shots in my bum on Tuesdays and Fridays from my DH. I think it's more common than we think. Thank God I have a NFP-only doc who is tuned in to this stuff. We discovered my luteal phase defect about a year before we TTC our third baby.

  3. Wonderful post. I especially like the one about Little House on the Prairie. It can really ground us...I really need this. Also, it's amazing how we can celebrate a Holy Day of Obligation and not know why. Good idea. Thanks for this list. It makes me tired and thankful a live more slowly now.

  4. #7-awful. Truly horrible. I still find it so hard to wrap my mind around the Holocaust after all these years.

    Thanks for the Little House suggestion. I've been looking for a book series to get for my five-year-old and I to read together, and I think that one will be perfect. I loved them as a child. Do you think those are too advanced for a five-year-old? I never know what's age-appropriate.

  5. Calah- about Little House age appropriateness- the first one (Little house in the Big Woods) would be fine- the rest, it really depends on your daughter. In one book, Ma makes Laura give her one and only doll, Charlotte away to a visiting girl. This girl then drops it is a puddle. This might be very traumatic to a sensitive girl! later books touch on Indian massacres and death by disease- so just be careful. Of course, you are reading to her, so you can 'censor' while you are reading. I think the real challenge comes in when your reader is independent.

    My basic rule of thumb is: the age of the protagonist MIGHT be the proper age to start reading that book.

  6. Mama Hen- Thanks for commenting! but your question is a tall order for a com box! :)

    Basically, Catholic dogma teaches that Mary, the Mother of God (the title "Mother of God" means that Jesus was always God)was kept free from original sin so that the womb that carried our savior Jesus Christ was spotless. This is the 'immaculate conception'

    This might be a better explanation:

    or look here:

  7. Your tamale breakfast sounds just lovely.

    Hmmm... one of my favorite Catholic mom bloggers, Jen Ambrose lives in China and has a blogspot blog:

    Calah, I've been thinking next year I might read Little House in the Big Wood to Bella. She'll be 5 in May. In that book Laura is 5 and I think the story would definitely appeal to that age child. Depending on how that goes we'll see about the later books in the series.

  8. Hello my Dear,I am a brand new follower of your blog.I would love to learn all I can from you and maybe some of your Catholic friends.I too am a christian.My family for 7 generations on both maternal and paternal sides have been from the foursquare church.Most of us in our family are "cradle" foursquare christians.Ever since I was a little iddy biddy girl I've wanted to be a Nun.I've been in love with Christ all my life and thought Nuns have got the right idea.My husband just thinks it's cute.

  9. Denise- you are very welcome here! If your profile is up-to-date, I see you live in Rancho Cucamonga- go here
    for info on a beautiful retreat house- ask them if they do 'silent' retreats- this means that it is self-led, you participate in the nun's prayers if you want- you don't need to be Catholic
    If you ever became Catholic...:) There are 'lay orders' of many of the orders of sisters. This means that you would participate in their life as much as possible- not taking vows, of course. Many lay ('normal') people do this as a great way to deepen their faith while still living in the world.

  10. I like your comment about reading the Little House books. I've read the whole five or six generations and so have my sisters, who range from 6 to 13. I think that a five year old will probably enjoy the books greatly. I know that when my younger sisters was even younger than five shewas enjoying the books when Mum read them out. If you're looking for other Christmas books, especially for children around that age, try looking for Tome De Paola's books, such as his Strega Nonna books and the Legend of the Pointsettia. We read them every year at Christmas.

    I've only just discovered your blog Priest's Wife, but I'll definitely be coming back for another look. Keep up the good blogging.

  11. Electra- We like De Paola's books here, too. Thanks for stopping by

  12. I'm having computer problems today and so this is my second attempt to comment. If you get two comments from me just ignore one!

    I was reading the above comments and the name Electra caught my eye. I went back and had another look and realised the comment was written by my daughter. She must have followed the link from my blog. I can't do anything these days without my children looking over my shoulder and copying! I guess it is how they learn. Anyway, I will copy my daughter and say I enjoyed my visit and look forward to coming back. God bless.

  13. Sue- :) yes- the kids are watching!!!

    I went on your blog- your story sounds so beautiful and difficult- doctors are always so perplexed when Moms are warriors like you were- but your family has the memory of your son in a positive way (and 'going through' with the pregnancy was better for you mentally and physically)- but you know this.

    I need to click back and see if I can buy your book on Amazon- there are a few families I know that could benefit from it

  14. You have been very kind to my daughters, Priest's Wife. They were so excited this morning to see you had visited their blog. You made their day special. They have decided to try and get their blog really going while they are on holiday. You have encouraged them, and they are now working on their next Annie Belle paper doll and her cousin. Thank you!

    I was pleased you shared the story of our son, Thomas. There is no doubt that God has worked so much good through his death. I have connected up with so many other bereaved parents and we have been able to share our experiences and lessen those feelings of isolation.

    I would be delighted if you read my book. It has been published through a small publisher and not through Amazon. I listed three Australian book shops which stock the book. I don't know if the postage costs would be too high for you. Anyway, if you have trouble getting hold of a copy let me know and I will send you one. I feel this is work God has given to me. I am trying to reach out to others. God bless.

  15. Oh, thanks for the Little House answers! I'm just now reading them, but thank you! I will definitely go get them. I think they will be just perfect. And what a great rule of thumb, to go with the age of the protagonist! The more I think about it, the more wonderful I think that idea is.

    We also love Tomie de Paola! He's so wonderful.


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