Friday, March 27, 2015

7 reasons why I love the Roman Catholic Church

In the Latin-rite, I love...
1. the music, both traditional
and a little more modern
2. I love St. Pope John Paul II especially- for selfish reasons. I touched his hand at a general audience and also heard him preach in Prague. He also lifted limits on the Eastern rite married priesthood years ago and he is why my husband will be a Catholic priest for over a decade.
3. I also love the witness of all the Roman-rite consecrated men and women. The variety of charisms that can be found are inspiring.
4. I love the lives of Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis- beautiful! I wrote a blog post about Benedict, my 'forgotten' Pope when Pope Francis was elected. There is just something extraordinary about the office of the Pope. I could feel the Holy Spirit when I touched Pope John Paul's hand. Listening to Pope Benedict's abdication, one could feel the energy in the room from thousands of miles away. Watch the video below and I challenge you not to get emotional. I certainly don't feel this way about any bishop but the bishop of Rome!
5. Since we try to be bookish people, I love the great literary works that have come from the Roman-rite. I'm attempting to read more! I love that Saint Therese is a doctor of the Church because of her 'little way', and I will always recommend St Francis de Sales' Introduction to a Devout Life to anyone who wants to try and start a better walk with Christ.
6. And because it is nearly Holy Week, I love this week in the Roman-rite. So many beautiful services! My family (dad, mom and us 5 kids) became Catholic at the Easter vigil, and I miss it terribly.
7. I love all the activities that are possible in the typically-sized Roman Catholic church. Vacation Bible Study, daily Masses, school possibilities, Knights of Columbus, catechism for children and adults, coffee and donuts served by all the different lay ministries, etc, etc.....
--- Blogging about a niche of a niche isn't easy. When you are a minority, just existing is a bit accusatory because everyone notices when you are around- you look different, you are different. I've written about this before (sorry 'pink girl' to re-use this post...but it is applicable and I don't think you are blogging anymore) I've been accused in emails and phone calls that I am anti-Roman rite, and I am sick to hear that some people think that way of me.  
Like I have responded before, it seems like everyone wants me (if they even truly care about the content of a free-to-read blog post) to write just the fun stuff because if I write about the hard stuff, I am being uncharitable and people will be turned off from our faith. People are probably already turned off because I am overweight and have too many/not enough children. People are probably already turned off because I had a vocal injury and I am leading the singing (nearly all of the priest's parts and people's responses are sung in the Byzantine rite) with one vocal chord. I can't sing a soprano range at all. Or people are not really 'turned off,' they just aren't interested. And once again, that's okay, but I don't believe it makes me 'anti-Roman-rite' to be disappointed sometimes. is what it is.....
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  1. #4 - I still cry!
    and #5 - I am on my 4th reading of 'Devout Life' (running out of room in the margins for new notes lol)


    1. There's Pope John Paul II's election on youtube as well (- everything is on youtube) beautiful

  2. Swoon, you touched JPII!

    Loved this post :)

    1. I didn't get a photo- but others in my family have- we've been blessed to be able to travel a bit

  3. I've never gotten the impression that you are anti-Latin rite. You've been having to swim upstream defending your rite, and that's not easy. It shouldn't be an "either/or" thing. It should be both. We breathe with both lungs. I think part of the problem is that the Latin largely ignores the East. And what I mean by that is that people are so ill-educated they don't realize that there are different rites. It's not taught to us along with the saints. Heck I didn't know until I was an adult. It's shameful. And it should be included. If I ever teach religious education, I plan on making sure children know. It's our rite's fault and not yours.

    1. thanks Deltaflute- that means a lot! I am working on my knowledge, too- I have never been to a traditional Latin Mass! Or Coptic, the list goes on....there is so much to know about the Church

  4. I think you might be a bit surprised at how many people do NOT think you are anti-roman rite. But the folks who understand what you are saying on your blog don't comment or communicate their positive thoughts towards you. Sorry about that. I love your blog. Sincere love and respect from a roman rite Catholic.

  5. I've never gotten an anti-Latin Rite vibe from your blog. I've always enjoyed following you and have learned so much. I, too, never learned that there were multiple rites within the Church, but then again my catechesis growing up was lacking in a big way. Regardless, carry on!! Love learning from you. :)


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