Thursday, July 24, 2014

Martyered Bishops, Martyred Faith in Transylvania Romania

The communists have won in Romania. There are twice as many funerals as baptisms in the Romanian Greek-Catholic churches. This is due to a low birth rate but also leaving the Greek Catholic churches for Orthodoxy, the Roman-rite, and various Protestant denominations as well as the 'church of the mall and sports' like in the West. Do the martyred bishops and other saints weep from heaven? 


  1. Your good husband gave (loaned?) a book to me a few years ago titled

    "The Romanian Byzantine-Rite Catholic Church - Thirty Years of Persecution in Romania (1948-1978)". A subtitle is The Romania Martyr Bishops of the Byzantine-Rite Church.

    The author is Pierre Gherman. I read the 64 page book and highly recommend it. It may be hard to find one though. Thanks for your post.

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  3. Presvitera, why is it that people leave the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church to join the Romanian Greek-Orthodox Church? Is it because Orthodox are in the majority? Is there any advantage of being an Orthodox in Romania?

  4. Don't lose heart, dearest Aunt! When you come back can you help me with my blog? I love your layout (and I can't figure out how to make sayings appear on the sidebar). Really miss the girls a lot this summer.-Avi

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