Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pretty Happy Funny Real Austria

pretty- Every time you turn your head, you will see beautiful things in Austria- Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque
above- St Stephen's Cathedral (1160) in Vienna below- Schonbrunn Palace
happy-The girls got to visit the campus of the International Theological Institute, where they hope to study between high school and finishing their university degrees. God's will be done!
funny- The funny little ones are now 7 and 5, and I was proud of them during this summer of travel. They needed to adapt to lots of change- from the food and drink being different not to mention different languages and cultures.
real- There is a lot of history in the 'old world,' and much of it is sobering. Below is a photo of a 'plague column' in Vienna. This statue praises God that the black death is over; the plague occurred from 1346 to 53 and took around 100 million people, at least one third of Europe's population.
above-The Ringstrasse houses the government offices in Vienna and also was the site of Hitler's  triumphant display of power after he invaded the country and entered the city in March 1938. below-  at St Stephen's in Vienna- The original icon of Our Lady of Mariapoch (1696), taken from its original place- the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic icon screen in Mariapoch, Hungary.


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