Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We are from Nazareth

The persecutions have been happening for a long, long time. Now- it is getting worse. How can we Westerners even begin to understand- a 1,800 year old church being burnt to the ground? 
We are in Romania now- land of persecution under communism that still happens today. Perhaps I will write more when I feel I have something  constructive to say. For now, for all Christians, remember that the Muslims are becoming the majority in Europe. If we bother to attend church at all, we grumble when a priest preaches for longer than ten minutes. We married folks decide to have our first and only child after ten years or so of marriage. We cannot be bothered to turn off the video clips, smart phones and television news in order to help our family and friends with a crisis or harvest or building project. 
We are out for ourselves. Is it any wonder that the devout, prayerful, family-centered Muslims will overtake the Christians any day now? They really do not need to actively exterminate the Christians, but I suppose it speeds the process a bit. 


  1. It's saddening to see the headlines in big pulpit.com and "National Catholic Register" about the situation. :(

  2. The riots in the streets of England and France by Muslims against Israel should give us an indication of how easily they are motivated to fight for their religion. Sadly the demise of Christian churches worldwide who do not convert to Islam should scare us all. You are right we will be overtaken easily if we don't wake up. Thanks for this post.


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