Wednesday, November 13, 2013

pretty happy funny real- Christmas!

pretty- free trade garlands instead of made-in-China lights...
happy- I am so happy that there is an internet so that I can read Auntie Leila's take on the domestic life with thoughts like these: 
"Things going good = I'm good. 
{Everything handmade, children looking adorable in photo shoot, house clean by 9 am and renovated by Christmas, husband feeling well cared for, weight down, waist wasp-like, mani/pedi scheduled, carpets spotless, dog winning trials, credit cards paid up.}
There's a bit of a paradox here, because I actually think that getting good at what we do helps us be happy and find contentment. 
But only if it's in the context of a hearty acceptance of the predictable awfulness of things, and I mean that in the most cheerful way possible -- especially when "what we do" involves children, who necessarily are not going to be as tractable as, say, machines.".... Continue at LMLD to complete the fabulousness.....

find Grumpy Orthodox Cat on facebook (this is his hipster cousin)
real- I've written before about the problem of a 'Made in China' Christmas- did you know that it is not possible to buy lights that are not made in China? Politics and human rights violations aside, it is crazy to have one country with a 100% monopoly on an industry. 
I'm trying to also work on buying fair trade chocolate and coffee. African cocoa is farmed by kids. In the West, there is such an advantage. Spending more money on our chocolate or coffee or Christmas items (or doing without) is a small price to pay to avoid supporting these evil for thought! 


  1. Ohhh...yeah you have internet again I've been looking for you. I was at Roosterhill but now I've started Aspired living, please come by! I do love the new header and the look of the blog! Blessings! Kyle

  2. Yay for the internet! Yay for Auntie Leila's advice. I had not thought about the Christmas made in China. Hmm I will have to give that some prayerful consideration. Thanks for sharing!!


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